Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey – the secret’s out in the US

Lilbeggan - new packaging and creative campaign uneiled.
Lilbeggan - new packaging and creative campaign uneiled.

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey from Ireland’s oldest operating distillery unveiled a new look and 360-degree marketing campaign in the US on St Patrick’s Day.



3 May 2013

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 The “best-kept secret in whiskey”, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and its 256 year-old distillery, is the subject of the brand’s first US marketing push as the secret is now out across America.  

The US campaign showcases how the village of Kilbeggan is coping with the fact that their precious whiskey has become available in the US and it featured in print and digital executions, Out Of Home creative and in on-premise events for St Patrick’s Day. In addition, the campaign’s focal point comprises a series of humorous online videos featuring “local Kilbeggan residents” who’re distraught over their beloved Kilbeggan Whiskey no longer being just for the Irish. The series of six videos can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel and facebook page.
“Irish Whiskey is quickly becoming the popular spirit of choice for many Americans so now is the perfect time for us to let our secret out,” commented Bob Gorman, Director of Marketing for World Whiskeys at Beam Inc, “With our new campaign and packaging, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey is now primed to contribute to the continued growth of the category.”
Kilbeggan is a premium blended Irish whiskey crafted with the finest hand-selected grain and barley, states owners Beam Inc. Unlike other Irish whiskeys, Kilbeggan is double distilled to retain more flavor, using a 180-year-old pot still to produce a smooth, highly approachable whiskey with distinct character that offers whiskey-lovers a step up from the standard, it states, adding that the whiskey’s new packaging, currently rolling out across the US, reflects the quality of the liquid inside and the rich history of the brand. 

Inspired by its distillery and the unique brand cues hidden within, the new packaging features a label whose copper color and shape are representative of the 180-year-old pot still used to make the whiskey. 

Ireland’s oldest operating distillery is situated in the small County Westmeath town of Kilbeggan. This location was chosen for good reason, with the three natural ingredients needed to distill superior quality whiskey closeby. Located on the Brosna River, it has access to clean water along with locally-grown grains and a ready supply of turf (used for malting) from nearby bogs. A water wheel dating back to the 19th Century sits at its center and symbolises the heart of the distillery. For generations it has been an iconic feature of the distillery and served as the engine behind its whiskey production.

An image of the distillery and its iconic water wheel form the focal point of the label design, along with the year the whiskey was founded, 1757. 

For more information on Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey visit, like it on facebook  or follow it on Twitter @IrishKilbeggan.

Lilbeggan - new packaging and creative campaign uneiled.

Lilbeggan – new packaging and creative campaign uneiled.



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