Kantar 100 Master Brands at Home

Kantar's comprehensive list of Ireland's most-chosen brands is created by surveying 5,000 Irish housholds on their supermarket spending habits across all segments. These choices are used alongside a metric which gives each brand a CRP score - Consumer Reach Points - which is further extrapolated into this list we see before us. Read on to see which brands Irish consumers favour in their weeklyl shop, year round!



17 June 2019 | 0

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26. Johnston Mooney & O’Brien

27. Nescafé

28. Goodfella’s

Goodfella’s Pizza, launched in 1993, remains Ireland’s number one frozen pizza brand, and is proud to be made in Ireland and supporting Irish jobs in its state-of-the-art facilities in Naas and Longford.

Team Goodfella’s is constantly striving to meet consumer needs and wants. Tapping into key trends and meal occasions, Goodfella’s has something for everyone and continues to deliver tasty pizzas for all the family.

The brand has the widest frozen pizza menu, including the Takeaway for all the family to share, and the Takeaway Thin & Crispy, a more recent addition to the range for those looking for a thinner sharing base.

The everyday Thin range still provides families of all ages a selection of toppings from Pepperoni to Roast Chicken while the Deep Pan range has just relaunched with an even lighter fluffier base and new more relevant toppings which tap into younger audiences and their preferences.

Given the increasingly mainstream nature of vegan products as well as those with special dietary requirements, Goodfella’s felt it important to create ranges of both Vegan (Falafel and Spicy Vegetable Salsa) and Gluten Free (Margherita and Pepperoni, Mushroom and Ham) that offer stand-out and deliver on quality. For more, follow Goodfella’s Ireland on Facebook or visit its website on www.goodfellaspizzas.com.

29. Clonakilty

30. Dairygold

Dairygold has been a staple in Irish homes and hearts for over 30 years, and this year maintains its market share position as number
one in the butter spreads category Dairygold’s long-term success has been built on the brand’s ability to continuously connect with consumers through high-quality products and a commitment to continuously evolving the brand’s communications platform.

Dairygold has a portfolio of products built on meeting consumers’ needs and wants. The range includes the deliciously creamy taste of Dairygold Original, bought by over one third of Irish households, and new Dairygold Lighter plus Vitamins and Calcium, targeted at healthconscious consumers. The indulgent Dairygold Softer Irish Butter softened with Rapeseed Oil is for butter lovers and the Dairygold Baking Block is for all the avid bakers out there.

Dairygold repositioned the brand under the ‘Make a Minute’ brand idea in 2016. Following on from the hugely successful 2018 ‘Make a Minute for Micro-volunteering’ campaign, 2019 saw the further evolution of the brand idea with the launch of the ‘One Magical Minute’ brand campaign, supported by a new TV commercial, plus strong in-store activity and sampling which seeks to show the Irish public the value and impact of giving someone a spare minute of your time.

31. Miwadi

MiWadi is a truly iconic Irish brand, and continues to grow from strength to strength in the marketplace. From its humble beginnings in 1927, MiWadi is still produced in Dublin to this day.

MiWadi recently introduced a brand new flavour to its no-sugar range, MiWadi 0% Sugar Blackcurrant. All of the blackcurrants that go into each bottle are harvested in season, resulting in a smooth tasting drink for all the family with no artificial colours or flavours.

The MiWadi 0% Sugar range is unique to the MiWadi portfolio in that it is sweetened from a natural source (stevia leaf extract) and delivers the same refreshing taste that has made MiWadi a family favourite for 92 years.

MiWadi continues to grow year-on-year maintaining its number one position in the flavour enhancer category. This year, MiWadi reached a record market share of 64% – proving to be a brand truly loved by the nation.



32. Flahavans

Flahavan’s is Ireland’s best-loved porridge, with more than 2 million servings consumed weekly. One of Ireland’s oldest family-owned companies, Flahavan’s has been milling oats in Co. Waterford for over 230 years and continues to source its high-quality oats from local growers located within a 60 mile radius of the mill.

In recent years, Flahavan’s has pioneered a dramatic change in the way consumers think about oatbased foods and their compelling health benefits. By putting the consumer at the heart of its new product development and innovation, the company has maintained its dominant category position, with 56.7% market share according to Kantar (2019). New product formats and recipes have been successfully introduced to the range in recent years to cater to emerging consumer lifestyle trends toward health & wellbeing, convenience and breakfast on-the-go.

With 89% brand awareness among consumers shopping the hot oats category (Brand Health Check, 2019), Flahavan’s continues to be the brand of choice for busy consumers seeking healthy and convenient breakfast solutions for their families. The high-quality credentials of the brand were strongly endorsed through the research, with almost two thirds of consumers agreeing that Flahavan’s offers a superior tasting product compared with competitors. Strong brand trust and emotional engagement metrics were also demonstrated, with Flahavan’s outperforming all category competitors under the heading “brand they would be most willing to recommend”.

Flahavan’s range includes more than 40 different oat-based products including Traditional, Organic, Jumbo, Gluten Free, Quick Oats Pots & Sachets, Super Oats, Flapjacks, Muesli and Granola. Flahavan’s no added sugar Hi8 Muesli is currently the best-selling muesli SKU in Ireland (Source: EPOS Data, 2019) and as a result Hi8 Date & Coconut has recently been added to the range.

Two new flapjack variants will also be launched in Summer 2019 – Dark Chocolate Orange and Lemon & Poppyseed. Flahavan’s is a proud member of the Love Irish Food and Origin Green programmes.


33. Charleville

34. Galtee

35. Carroll’s of Tullamore

36. Fitzgerald’s

37. Nivea

For gentle and effective make-up removal that’s been tried, tested and adored by professional make-up artists, Nivea’s MicellAir Professional range is perfect for make-up lovers everywhere. This innovative collection of products from Ireland’s number one face brand helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin while gently caring and protecting its delicate moisture balance.

Formulated with a combination of MicellAir Complex, Dry Oil and Black Tea extract, it works to efficiently lift longlasting and waterproof face and eye make-up, leaving 0% greasy residue, so skin looks beautifully clean and healthy. Even delicate skin areas and lashes stay protected after use.

Whether its for experimenting with looks at home or a desire to cleanse the day away, the Nivea MicellAir Professional range can remove even the most stubborn of make-up with no rinsing or rubbing required.

38. Hellmann’s

39. Pringles

Pringles is an Irish icon in the crisp category, with its instantly recognisable “double saddle” shape and equally iconic packaging. First launched in 1967, Pringles has a 29% value share of the large sharing crisp category and 12% value share of total crisps, while a remarkable one in two households have purchased Pringles in the past year, reflecting a 50.4% market penetration.

Every minute, 24 tubes of Pringles are sold in Ireland, illustrating the brand’s identity of youthful consumers, fuelling the fun and bringing out their playful side.

40. Walkers

41. Lyons Tea

42. Dolmio

43. McCambridge

44. Flora

45. Staffords

46. Bradys

47. Connacht Gold

48. Comfort

49. John West

A trusted family brand synonymous with quality fish, John West has always strived to appeal to new customers while retaining those loyal to the brand. By launching innovative, invigorating and tasty ranges such as John West Creations and John West Infusions, the brand is determined to make it easier than ever for consumers to get a natural protein snack in their diets. The latest innovation from John West is the No Drain Tuna Fridgepot. This range includes a breakthrough in tuna packaging that has modernized the ambient tuna market: peel it, reseal it and pop it in the fridge!

John West is always seeking to inspire its consumers to cook and consume fish regularly, whether they are busy parents or the on-the-go young professionals on the lookout for a healthy lunch alternative. Omega 3-rich fish is perfect for 45+ consumers looking to enjoy good heart health via their diet, while the protein-rich tuna products are a great snack for the sport enthusiasts to refuel after training.

At John West, the promotion of a healthy active lifestyle and engaging consumers around this topic is key to the brand’s strong performance this year. There is a wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire consumers to create simple but delicious meals with John West. New recipes ideas are constantly available through the brand’s social media channels.

Meanwhile, John West’s partnership with GAA Féile continues this year, supporting GAA at a grassroots level across the country. Building a relationship with families of all ages, promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle is essential to the brand. The John West Gaelforce sponsorship will see a large sampling project at all the key Gaelforce events across the year. Both sponsorships have a huge digital campaign on all aspects of preparing for a sporting event (such as training tips and nutrition advice) to build relevance and usage for the everyday consumer.

50. KitKat

KitKat is one of the most iconic and enduring confectionery brands and remains as relevant today as it was on its launch in 1935. The brand has stood the test of time for over 80 years for various reasons.

Firstly, it was a ground-breaking product when developed, and consumers’ initial enjoyment and love of the product has not abated. Second, its original brand proposition of being the perfect choice for a break has remained consistent over the decades. Thirdly, the brand has evolved and innovated in terms of various flavours and formats. Earlier this year saw the launch of a Ruby chocolate KitKat – a unique variant offering a new taste experience. The crispy, four-finger wafer bar is coated with Ruby chocolate, derived from Ruby cocoa beans, which has an intense berry-fruitiness taste without the addition of any flavour or colour.

KitKat Senses also launched into a single format, delivering the perfect combination of KitKat chocolate and wafer with a thick layer of indulgent salted caramel filling infused with crunchy caramel flakes (Salted Caramel variant) or a layer of sumptuous praline and crunchy hazelnut pieces (Hazelnut variant). With such a continuous focus on flavour and format innovation, KitKat is not about to have a break in that regard any time soon.

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