Irish Brewers Assoc: Beer exports worth €280m in 2016

A new report by the Irish Brewers Association has revealed that Ireland's beer exports soared to €280m during 2016, amounting to 40% of all beer produced in this country.



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4 August 2017

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40% of all beer produced in Ireland is exported, according to a new report by the Irish Brewers Association. Exports for 2016 totalled €280m, according to a new report by the IBA, which was published to mark International Beer Day, today, 4 August.

The Beer Market Report reveals that beer remains Ireland’s most popular alcoholic drink, holding a 46.2% market share. This trend has remained steady for the past six years.

The report examines beer consumption across the various types of beer – lager, stout and ale – and shows that consumption of lager in 2016 increased from 2015, from 60.4% to 60.9%. This increase is cited as a further effect of the craft beer revolution that has been taking place, which has also increased its market share. In 2015, 2.5% of beer sales were craft beer, while in 2016 that figure rose to 3.4%.

In addition, total beer sales rose by 3% in 2016, with two-thirds of those sales made in the on-trade.

The IBA took the opportunity of launching the report to once again call on the government to reduce excise tax on beer, which currently is second highest in the EU.

Jonathan McDade, head of the Irish Brewers Association said the IBA’s 2016 report highlights the important role the brewing sector has in supporting the Irish economy. “Beer exports are performing strongly, accounting for 20% of total beverage exports,” he said, “while the sector continues to contribute enormously to the exchequer due to favourable tourism figures and population growth.

“Irish consumers pay the second highest rates of excise on beer in the EU,” McDade added, “eleven times greater than beer drinkers in Germany. Excise is a tax on jobs, tourism and the hospitality sector and we call on the Government to reduce excise rates.”



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