Ireland’s favourite 41-70 brands: 100 Master Brands at Home

The recently released 2024 Ireland Brand Footprint report by Kantar sheds light on the brands that have not only endured but thrived in challenging times. Here's the top 41-70 brands that have secured their place in the hearts and baskets of Irish shoppers


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26 June 2024

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The recently released 2024 Ireland Brand Footprint report by Kantar sheds light on the brands that have not only endured but thrived in challenging times. Here’s the top 41-70 brands that have secured their place in the hearts and baskets of Irish shoppers

Ireland’s top 41-70 brands

41.) Rice Krispies

42.) Hellmann’s

43.) Haribo

Haribo continues to be Ireland’s number one sweets maker1 bringing moments of childlike happiness to consumers nationwide. Within the sweet’s category, Haribo has held its leading position in terms of value & unit sales delivering 53% of the total retail sales value growth year to date.

Haribo as the number one brand is growing across all measures, with unit sales +10.7%, in a market where unit sales are declining -6.4%. The recipe for success is a combination of great tasting, quality products. Starmix and Tangfastics are the number one and number three bestselling products in the market with Supermix and Giant Strawbs among the top 20 best sellers, Haribo is also great value for money, offering 38% better €/kg vs the sweets category average2.

In addition to Haribo’s core range, the brand continues to introduce new products with exciting flavours and textures to the market. Over the past year, Haribo successfully launched Soda Twist Z!ng and Twin Snakes to bring excitement into the category.
To complement its popular all-year round offering, Haribo also brings a sweet celebration of treats to stores during key seasonal periods. Haribo’s selection provides products in different formats suitable for gifting and sharing with themed items to deliver seasonal fun. Whether it be Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, Haribo delivers a vast range of products that create happiness and
smiles for kids and grown-ups alike for all occasions.

1. Nielson IQ IE Ttl Scantrack ROI/Total Sweets Confectionery incl. Mints (Ex. Gums. Medicated)/Total Market/ Manufacturer YTD to 19.05.24

2. Nielson IQ IE Ttl Scantrack ROI/Total Sweets Confectionery incl Mints (Ex Gums, Medicated)/Total

44.) Walkers

45.) McCain

46.) Lyons Tea

47.) Hovis

The Hovis® brand continues to make excellent progress in the Irish Packaged Bread Category. In 2023 the brand achieved a ranking of 47th position in Ireland’s most chosen brands publication (Compiled by Kantar Worldpanel) 1 representing a significant improvement on the 2022 position of No 54. This strong performance demonstrates the growing popularity of the Hovis® brand with Irish consumers.

Hovis® Granary® and Seed Sensations® for the Irish market are baked at our Belfast bakery. Although Hovis® does not have full market distribution in Ireland the brand continues to make excellent progress where stocked. Hovis® Seed Sensations® has been strongly received by the Irish consumer for those seeking a great tasting bread with a distinctive, seeded flavour. In addition, the Hovis® Granary® range continues to be also enjoyed by Irish consumers. The brand’s consistent focus on quality continues to be at the heart of our brand strategy.

1. Independent research compiled by the Kantar Group. Tracked shopping behaviour of over 5000 Irish Households.
The report covers the period of 52 w/e October 2022 Vs 52 w/e October 2023

48.) Chef

Chef, a brand synonymous with Irish culinary tradition and a family favourite since 1921, proudly introduces its latest product: Chef Spice Bag Ketchup. This new sauce captures the essence of one of Ireland’s trendiest takeaway dishes, the Spice Bag, and promises to bring the delightful and iconic taste of an Irish favourite to consumers’ kitchens. Crafted in Cabra, Chef Spice Bag blends hand-selected spices with Chef’s renowned tangy ketchup, delivering the unique and beloved flavours of a Spice Bag to any meal.Perfect for drizzling over chips, mixing with chicken strips, onions, and peppers, a tasty topping for burgers or simply as a dip, Chef Spice Bag offers great versatility and is poised to be the hit of the Summer.

Now available in stores, Chef Spice Bag Ketchup is another example of Chef’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality in the Irish food industry.

Recent research data from Kantar reveals impressive growth for Chef, showing an 18.8% increase in the last 52 weeks up to 12 May 2024. This surge outpaces the overall Table Top category, which grew by 10.8%, allowing Chef to maintain its position as the highest branded player in terms of growth. The expansion is driven by attracting new shoppers, with household penetration up by 6.7%, and increased purchase frequency. Chef continues to dominate as the number one brand in Brown Sauce and holds the second position in Ketchup, solidifying its status as a favourite among consumers.

The Chef range also includes an array of side plate accompaniments including BBQ Sauce, Salad Cream, Beetroot, Malt Vinegar
and Pickles.

To support the summer BBQ season, the Chef range will be featured in an integrated summer advertising campaign titled ‘Breakout the Fancy.’ This campaign spans video-on- demand platforms, outdoor advertising, social media, and in-store activations ensuring extensive brand visibility and driving consumer interest.

49.) Kinder

50.) Activia 

Activia is passionate about happy guts and delighted to be ranked 50th in the 2024 Kantar Top 100 Brands at Home. Activia is
Deliciously Good for your Gut Health & recognises that the gut plays a signifi cant role in our bodies. That is why Activia has been a gut health hero for more than 30 years innovating and finding delightful new ways for you to love your gut.

Activia contains a unique blend of five ferments, billions of live cultures strong enough to survive until they reach the gut.
This creamy yogurt packed with billions of live cultures is known for being deliciously good for your gut health.

Activia provides the shopper with a wide selection of gut health products including a selection of creamy fruit flavours (available in 0% fat as well), a fabulous fibre range and on-the-go Activia Toppers Range. This year Activia has upgraded its packaging and recipe. The recipe is now creamier and tastier, and the new enhanced pack design allows for greater stand out on shelf as well as reminding the shopper of the three key benefits of Activia.

Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

51.) Aero

This much-loved brand, renowned for its unique bubbly texture, added two exciting new innovations to its portfolio this year – the
new Aero choco-hazelnut flavour sharing bar and the Aero Neapolitan sharing bag. The popular hazelnut flavour, which was a frequent request from followers of Aero’s social media channels, brings together the brand’s signature melt-in-your-mouth bubbles and the smooth nutty flavour of hazelnut, to create a deliciously bubbly treat. The Aero Neapolitan offering is part of Nestlé’s new range of ice cream inspired chocolate sharing bags and contains bubbly milk chocolate, strawberry
and vanilla flavour melts.

Over the coming months, limited edition pack designs to prompt consumer consideration of key sharing occasions and an on-pack promotion offering consumers a chance to win free bars, together with an upweighted advertising campaign will ensure
that demand for Aero continues.

52.) Dove

53.) Club

54.) Erin

Tradition meets convenience in a range of hearty meal solutions and versatile sauces. Today’s consumers seek convenience
without compromising on taste or nutritional value. Erin meets this need by offering a diverse range of products that cater to busy
lifestyles while maintaining homemade goodness. From its delicious savoury rices that are perfect for those summer BBQs and
picnics, to it’s hearty meal solutions that provide a quick, nourishing meal, and its versatile sauces that simplify dinner preparations, Erin understands the needs of the modern shopper. Retailers can capitalise on this by stocking a variety of Erin products, ensuring they meet the demand for convenient yet wholesome food options.

Erin products are not just about offering a trusted brand; it’s about tapping into a market of discerning consumers who prioritise quality and taste. Erin’s products are perfect for seasonal promotions, especially during the colder months when consumers seek comfort foods.

55.) Koka

Founded in Singapore in 1985, Koka is Ireland’s most loved Instant Noodle brand. A pantry staple in homes across the country,
Koka noodles satisfy a growing consumer demand for delicious, convenient snacks to eat at home or on-the-go.

Available in a range of formats and delicious flavours, there’s a Koka noodle for all tastes. Koka Silk is the brand’s gluten free range, or for a healthier noodle option Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles are low in fat, palm oil free and
a source of protein.

And now there’s even more reason to love Koka noodles with the introduction of two exciting new flavours to the range. Masala is a must-try for those who can handle the heat, with a flavourful mix of spices that is bold on taste. Or for a delicious flavour fusion, Mi Goreng is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Both flavours will be available in major retailers nationwide.

56.) Wrigley’s

57.) Killeen

58.) Dolmio

59.) Dr. Oetker

60.) Connacht Gold

61.) Lenor

62.) Old El Paso

With the increase of in-home meal occasions, consumers are more open to trying new cuisines in recent years. Plus, the simplicity and position as a family favourite makes Mexican and Old El Paso an appealing choice for consumers. Confident scratch cookers looking to try new and different foods in a convenient way reach for Old El Paso components, while less assured cooks tend to look for full meal solutions, using its Kits to improve their skills and grow confidence.

Consumers love that with Mexican, you can build the meal around personal preference with this sort of customisation. Its latest campaign #MakeSomeNoise celebrates how good food can bring us all together. The campaign aims to get more people to share in the vibrancy and culinary inspiration that Mexican food can provide by turning Fridays into #FajitaFridays. Mexican can be enjoyed right through the week with #MeatlessMonday, #TacoTuesday and beyond using the wide range of easy to use Old El Paso kits, carriers, seasonings and more.

63.) Cadbury’s Twirl

64.) Corn Flakes

65.) TUC

66.) Schwartz

67.) Santa Rita

Santa Rita is delighted to become the first wine brand to secure a position in Ireland’s prestigious Top 100 Brands in the grocery
sector, as identified by the Kantar Group. This remarkable achievement places Santa Rita 120 at rank 67, climbing an impressive 34 places to enter the list, and makes it the only wine brand to do so. This milestone comes as a testament to the collective effort, dedication, sustained input and strategic initiatives towards positioning Santa Rita 120 as the number one wine brand in Ireland.

This recognition is particularly significant as Santa Rita prepares to launch its upcoming advertising campaign. In store Promotions: From June to September Rita 120 will roll out gondola ends in Tesco and Supervalu stores across Ireland.

These displays will feature a consumer prize competition accessible via a QR code, offering participants a chance to win an unforgettable trip to Chile for two under the ‘120 Hours’ concept.

The OOH campaign will also run from June – July with over 130 points of contact across Ireland. The campaign will feature high visibility formats, including 48 Sheets, Metropoles, and Golden Squares, alongside high engagement formats such as in-store digital screens at purchase points.

Santa Rita 120’s 30 and 15-second commercial ads will air from 24 June for three weeks. These strategically distributed ads will run throughout the day on major channels including RTE, VMS, Sky, CH4, and TG4. Digital Activations – Santa Rita 120 will
collaborate with two prominent influencers to further promote the campaign and competition. Limerick athlete Sarah Lavin, who
is competing in this year’s Paris Olympics, will feature Santa Rita 120 Dealcoholised in her reels, while influencer Cassie Stokes, will showcase the 120 Reserva Especial range.

Santa Rita 120 is excited to bring this dynamic promotional campaign to Ireland, offering consumers numerous opportunities to engage with the brand and participate in the exciting prize competition. It looks forward to connecting with our Irish audience and sharing the exceptional quality of Santa Rita 120 wines.

68.) Bisto

69.) O’Hara’s of Foxford

70.) Pepsi

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