Initiative to safeguard Irish seafood sales

The Irish Seafood Market Initiative Group (ISMIG) aims to maximise market oppotunities by focusing on ‘awareness and labelling’ and ‘route to market’

Irish Seafood Market Initiative Group (ISMIG) announces plans to help protect the seafood sector from destructive market trends


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9 March 2009

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The group set up in response to concerns for the Irish seafood sector, the Irish Seafood Market Initiative Group (ISMIG), has announced its plan to help combat the impact of rising costs, falling prices, and competition from imports.

Announced by Tony Killeen, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the initiative aims to develop a “shared understanding of key market issues” between fishermen, processors, co-ops, retailers, and their representative organisations.

The ultimate goal of ISMIG’s scheme is to maximise opportunities in the Irish Seafood market for all stakeholders, specifically by focusing on the key areas . The group identified a lack of awareness among Irish consumers of the range of fish available, as well as a lack of awareness of imported fish versus Irish caught or farmed fish arising from labelling issues.

ISMIG says that through an expansion of BIM’s Quality Seafood Programme (QSP) Irish seafood will become more easily identified and differentiated. This will work in tandem with an industry initiative to promote and increase awareness across the range of available yet under utilised Irish species such as whiting, haddock, megrim, monkfish, hake, prawns, pollock, mussels, oysters and crab.



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