IKEA finds pork in lasagne

Swedish company confirms presence of pork in its lasagne but assures customers that there’s no health risk



8 April 2013

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IKEA has confirmed the presence of pork in its Lasagne Alg following initial reports from Belgium. The company has released a statement confirming the contamination and assuring customers that there are no health risks. On 22 March, Belgian authorities informed the Swedish company that one sample of Lasagne Alg indicated the presence of pork. A sales stop on the product was issued and further tests were carried out. On 5 April new tests from the Belgian authorities confirmed that the batch contained 1.4% of pork. The batch concerned held a best before date of 22 January 2014 and only one sample from the production batch was contaminated.

IKEA says it has implemented improvements to ensure that its products contain only ingredients declared on the packages. It has reassured customers that there are no health risks from the product but "we do not tolerate any ingredients other than the ones stipulated in our recipes or specifications, secured through set standards, certifications and product analysis by accredited laboratories." Customers can return the product and receive a full refund.

The Lasagne Alg is sold in 18 countries including Sweden, Ireland, the UK, Belgium and France. IKEA says it is in the process of developing a "comprehensive standard with requirements on traceability, slaughter, deboning and processing of meat products." The standard is being developed with quality assurance company SGS and is expected to be ready by the end of this month. IKEA says it is "committed to serving and selling high quality food that is safe, healthy and produced with care for the environment and the people who produce it."



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