Hosons Brands adds Lemonaid+ and ChariTea to portfolio

Lemonaid+ and ChariTea are a social enterprise that promote the 'Drinking Helps' principle


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13 July 2022

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Hosons Brands, a new innovative Irish sales and marketing company that specialises in brand building for boutique beverage brands, has announced that it is now distributing the Lemonaid+ and ChariTea portfolio of products in the Republic of Ireland.

This premium range of organic, Fairtrade soft drinks and iced teas are now available in Barnhill Stores, Mortons, One Kinda Folk, Happy Out and a range of other independent cafes, premium grocery stores and casual dining restaurants.

Lemonaid+ and ChariTea are a social enterprise that promote the ‘Drinking Helps’ principle. They source their raw ingredients from certified Fairtrade and organic producers, and beyond Fairtrade, they donate 5 cents from every bottle sold to the Lemonaid+ and ChariTea Foundation. The foundation is a registered charity that directly supports social development projects in the ingredient growing regions. In essence, the foundation helps these local communities help themselves for a better future.

Lemonaid+ soft drinks are made with organically grown Fairtrade ingredients – fresh fruit juices, sparkling water, and lightly sweetened with raw cane sugar, and no preservatives or artificial flavours. There are four flavours – Lime, Blood Orange, Passionfruit and Ginger.

ChariTea is a range of freshly brewed iced teas made with organically grown loose leaf tea and other Fairtrade ingredients. Natural refreshment with the best pure juice, no flavour enhancers, preservatives or artificial flavours – and naturally sweetened with organic agave nectar or honey. There are four flavours – ChariTea Red, ChariTea Green, ChariTea Black and ChariTea Mate.

Hosons Brands was formed in 2020 and specialises in launching and brand building for premium, boutique international food and beverage brands in the Irish market. Hosons Brands is also the exclusive Irish distributors for Something & Nothing Seltzers and Spritz.

For more information, visit www.hosons.com.



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