Flash-mob dazzle shoppers at Fresh The Good Food Market

Flash mob at Fresh video set to go viral, after appearance on TV3 Morning Ireland news and 9.2k views on Facebook and growing



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20 December 2017

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Shoppers and staff alike at Fresh The Good Food Market, at Dublin’s Grand Canal Square were in for a treat last week when a flash mob of singers from the Dublin Gospel Choir burst into an unexpected performance.

The impressive feat, which can be viewed here, came about after a great deal of planning. The Grand Canal Square store underwent a big renewal programme of new design works and new equipment recently, and the Fresh senior management team wanted a novel way to thank customers who shop there.

In fact, virtually no-one at the store knew about the flash-mob, it was a very closely guarded secret. Apart from the store manager, no store staff knew as the goal was to capture their genuine surprise.

Despite no pre-promotion of the event, the video is now well on it’s way to going viral, with 9.2k views on Facebook and growing. All the singers shown are part of the Dublin Gospel Choir and to keep up the element of surprise,  some dressed up as employees in Fresh uniforms and others dressed as normal customers.

All-in-all, the event was carefully planned, with site visits at 6am with the choir to set up cameras, microphones and to choreograph the movement of the singers around the store.

The Dublin Gospel Choir is returning to Fresh stores today to perform as part of the annual Fresh The Good Food Market music series, having partnered with them for the past four years.

To check out all the fun, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNghegMB2lc.



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