First Tesco eco-store in Ireland

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Tesco Ireland unveils its first ultra energy efficient supermarket in Tramore, Co Wexford



10 October 2008

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First Tesco eco-store in IrelandTesco has opened its first ‘eco-store’ in Ireland, in Tramore, Co Wexford, as part of the chain’s environmental plan to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2020. The 30,000 sq ft store will use 45% less energy than a supermarket of similar size, saving 420 tonnes of CO2 a year, which constitutes a 30% annual reduction.

The new store, the first in Ireland to be designed to the internationally recognised PassivHaus standard, consumes less energy through the use of the highest levels of insulation, as well as recycling over 70% of heat used in its ventilation system. The structure is supported by a timber frame (harvested from sustainable forests), which has saved over 400 tonnes of CO2 compared to conventional steel frame buildings of similar size. In addition, energy usage is reduced through sky lights and solar panels, which help to power the store’s cash registers, and an environmentally friendly CO2 refrigeration system used in all fridges and freezers provides a 15% energy saving.



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