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Avonmore Cooking Cream has 50% less fat than standard cream
Avonmore Cooking Cream has 50% less fat than standard cream

Successful dairy brands continue to stand out from the competition by focusing on their unique points of difference, whether that is an award-winning taste or added vitamins and nutrients, writes Gillian Hamill.


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13 March 2013

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  • The National Dairy Council (NDC) Guarantee appears on some 340 milk and cream products in the Republic of Ireland
  • 31% of consumers say they are buying more Irish food and drink brands*
  • 90% of consumers attribute this to a desire to support Ireland’s economy and jobs
  • The NDC Guarantee directly supports the jobs of 2,483 people locally in dairies and 2,193 dairy farmers involved in farming ‘table’ milk
  • The economic multiplier effect associated with the agri-food sector means consumers who choose milk and cream with the NDC mark are supporting 12,415 jobs in Ireland’s economy** 
  • Avonmore is Ireland’s number one cream brand with 37% market share (Source: MAT Jan 27 / 13) 
  • Avonmore Milk is Ireland’s number one milk brand and the second largest grocery brand in the country
  • Avonmore Super Milk is the brand leader in the fortified milk sector with 92% volume share (Source: ACN Jan 2013).
  • Avonmore Slimline Milk is the country’s favourite fat free milk
  • Avonmore Lactose Free Milk is Ireland’s only lactose free milk brand and one of the fastest growing milk brands in the country
  • Dromona’s range of traditionally crafted cheddars won 26 awards for excellence last year
Avonmore Cooking Cream has 50% less fat than standard cream

Avonmore Cooking Cream has 50% less fat than standard cream

Ireland’s dairy sector plays a key role in the country’s economy; providing employment for approximately 22,000 farmers, 9,000 employees in the processing sector and an additional 4,500 employees in support and ancillary services.* While our dairy exports are currently thriving, the domestic dairy market has been valued at €1 billion. The sector is set for further growth with the National Dairy Council (NDC) recently launching a new three year strategy for 2013-2015, entitled "Irish Dairy: Sustainable & Nutritious by Nature." The NDC says this will support the consumption of dairy ranges by highlighting the quality and nutritious value of the produce available. 

Looking specifically at cheeses, research conducted by analyst BullsEye shows three-quarters of shoppers have a brand of cheese in mind before going into a store and they subsequently buy that brand at the fixture. However, 25% of shoppers are uncommitted to their cheese brand and so are open to generic or own-label offers. BullsEye states decision-making is almost instant in this category with the type of cheese – usually cheddar – a given. The brand plays a key role, with ‘Irishness’ a factor even in own-label cheese. 

*(Source: National Dairy Council report – ‘Dairy: Food for Life – A Strategy To Promote Irish Milk and Dairy Products 2008 – 2012′) 

Cream of the crop 

Avonmore believes a must for everyone’s shopping list this Easter has to be Avonmore Cream. Produced by Glanbia Consumer Foods, the range consists of ever popular Fresh Cream, the chef’s favourite Double Cream, convenient Freshly Whipped Cream, Avonmore Cooking Cream which has 50% less fat than standard cream and is ideal for savoury dishes and new Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream

New to the market, Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream has a luxuriously smooth and thick consistency allowing consumers to provide a restaurant quality finish to desserts at home. Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is available in both a 250ml and 500ml size and comes in an easy pour bottle making it ideal for pouring straight from the bottle over consumers’ favourite desserts such as apple tarts, fruit crumbles, chocolate cake and brownies.

This year Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream will benefit from a heavyweight support plan which includes Weatherline stings, in-store activity and sampling to continue to drive trial and awareness as well as an ongoing digital support activity plan. 

Developed specifically for savoury cooking, Avonmore Cooking Cream is unique to the cream market. Avonmore Cooking Cream contains half the fat of standard cream but with an even richer texture delivering all the taste and texture of a full fat cream. The luxuriously thick texture of cooking cream is even more suitable for cooking because it adds a lovely depth and feel to dishes such as curry, pasta sauce or casseroles. It comes in a handy pot with pouring spout ensuring no spills, no mess and has a re-closable lid so it can be stored in the fridge easily.

Both Avonmore Cooking Cream and Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream deliver unique consumer benefits and are driving growth in the cream market. Avonmore is Ireland’s number one cream brand and boasts a strong portfolio that caters to the nation’s sweet and savoury needs. The Avonmore range offers the great fresh taste shoppers expect in convenient formats and pack sizes suitable for today’s lifestyles. Avonmore is the market leader with 37% market share (Source: MAT Jan 27 / 13) and continues to drive growth and innovation within the market.

Cheese please

Avonmore Cheese is a long standing family favourite among Irish consumers. The beauty of the Avonmore range lies in its convenience for the entire family. All packs are re-sealable to ensure convenience and maintain freshness.

A must stock item for all meal occasions, Avonmore Cheese provides consumers with versatile and tasty offerings for packed lunches, quick snacks and evening meals. Avonmore Cheese Slices make the ideal sandwich for school lunch boxes, on ciabattas at work, or as an evening snack melted on a toastie. Avonmore Grated can also be sprinkled on sandwiches, over salad and is perfect for pasta dishes and baked potatoes. Consumers can choose from sliced and grated offerings in a wide range of varieties such as Light Cheddar Cheese and Cheddar & Mozzarella.

If consumers are looking for inspiration, each pack includes recipe ideas so rustling up a healthy nutritious meal for all the family is simple with Avonmore cheese or check out for a selection of recipe ideas from starters and snacks through to dinner recipes. 

This year Avonmore Cheese has an exciting new re-launch on the horizon which will be in trade mid-April. The re-launch will be supported with strong in-store promotions, sampling activity, digital communications and strong PR. 

Adding value to milk


Avonmore Milk is Ireland’s number one milk brand and the second largest grocery brand in the country. The brand is continuing its strategy of driving growth in the premium fortified milk sector through its value added milk product range, which is led by the Avonmore Super Milk brand.

Avonmore Super Milk is the brand leader in the fortified milk sector with 92% volume share (Source: ACN Jan 2013). It has driven growth in the sector through its whole and low fat variants and 1.75L family pack.

Avonmore Super Milk is kept top of mind with consumers throughout the year through an extensive advertising campaign and sampling programme to drive trial. The advertising campaign entitled "Let your Little Heroes Shine", is specifically targeted at mums and focuses on vitamin D and the contribution it makes to healthy teeth and bones. With 75% of the Irish population not getting enough of this essential vitamin, which is important for healthy growth and strong bones, Super Milk provides the solution with just one glass providing 100% of daily vitamin D requirements.


Avonmore launched Heart Active in 2012, giving Irish consumers the opportunity to get cholesterol-reducing plant sterols in the one thing they have every day – milk. Cholesterol is now a mainstream health issue in Ireland, with one third of the population concerned about their cholesterol levels, and over a third of all households buying cholesterol lowering products. 

Avonmore Heart Active is supported throughout the year featuring on Avonmore’s RTÉ weather sponsorship, radio advertising, as well as an in-store demo programme. 

Avonmore Slimline Milk, the country’s favourite fat free milk has just had a new year’s make over. Slimline Milk is now enriched with iron, folic acid and vitamins C and D. The combination of iron and vitamin C has been added to Avonmore Slimline Milk to help release energy throughout the day. With 61% of women aged 18-50 having inadequate iron intake (IUNA 2011); Avonmore Slimline Milk is now a great way to get iron everyday. Slimline Milk will feature on RTÉ weather sponsorship throughout 2013 as well as being supported on radio and in print. 

Avonmore Lactose Free Milk is Ireland’s only lactose free milk brand and one of the fastest growing milk brands in the country. Avonmore Lactose Free Milk gives lactose intolerant consumers what they want: all the goodness of dairy without the Lactose. Consumers love the great taste of Lactose Free milk and they are proven to be loyal purchasers. With the ‘free-from’ trend becoming more relevant to consumers Avonmore will continue its Lactose Free programme by growing distribution, educating consumers and encouraging trial.

Award winning cheddar from Dromona

Made by Dromona’s master cheese-makers using only the freshest milk supplied by local farmers, Dromona is an award winning range of traditionally crafted cheddars. With no less than 26 awards for cheddar excellence won last year, there is a cheese in the range to suit every taste, from mild and medium suitable for the whole family to mature, extra mature and vintage. Also for those seeking a healthier option there is Dromona Lighter Mature cheese, a mature tasting cheddar with 30% less fat. No wonder then that the brand believes Dromona Cheese is sure to be the centrepiece of any ‘tasteful’ cheeseboard.

New ‘guilt free’ choice

Dale Farm Spelga, one of the best loved yogurt brands in the market, has launched a new 0% Fat Yogurt range. The yogurts have a creamy texture yet are still 0% fat, making them an ideal and convenient choice for the health conscious consumer. 

Suzanne McKay, brand manager for Dale Farm Spelga comments: "Dale Farm Spelga’s new 0% Fat Yogurt is the latest edition to the already popular range, offering an indulgent yet ‘guilt free’ snack for the consumer at any time of day. The diet sector continues to command the largest share of the yogurt market, and coupled with the fact that consumers are continually looking for healthy yet tasty alternatives from a brand they know and trust, makes new Dale Farm Spelga 0% Fat Yogurts a must stock range in the chiller."

Dale Farm Spelga 0% Fat Yogurts are available in three single 150g pot flavours; Strawberry, Peach Melba and Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Pieces. They are also available in a four x 125g multipack. 

Almost three in four are more creative since having children

A new Irish ‘Creative Awakening’ survey has found that people become significantly more creative with parenthood. A massive 72% of Irish parents surveyed said that they are more creative since having children, with almost one in two (42%) parents enjoying adult orientated creative activities at least once a week. 

The research, conducted by parenting website, and yogurt brand Munch Bunch to mark the launch of the Munch Time Ireland story writing competition, also found that just 8% of parents never find it challenging to keep their children entertained. 

Over one in three parents either ‘frequently’ or ‘always’ find it challenging to keep their children entertained with the main reasons given being ‘running out of ideas’ (40%) and ‘finding time’ (24%) while 7% of parents admitted that ‘it can be boring’. 

However, the good news is that Irish parents are never ‘too tired’ to keep their children entertained unlike in the UK, where the same survey discovered that more than half of parents (51%) state this is a barrier.

Unsurprisingly when reflecting on their own creativity, ‘lack of time’ and ‘lack of money’ were the main reasons given for stifling parents’ personal creativity, with 50% of parents citing ‘time’ as the main factor while almost two in five said that they have ‘no money’ to be creative themselves. 

Finally, the survey found that when it comes to enjoying creative activities with children, almost three in four of the polled said mums are most hands-on (72%). Just 11% said creativity is dad’s domain, with 10% of grandparents most likely to spend time on creative play with their children. Siblings were cited by only 5% of respondents. 

The research examined the thoughts of 630 Irish parents and was commissioned to launch the third year of Munch Time Ireland – a story writing competition that calls for budding authors to submit short stories that are between 600 – 800 words, and are aimed at little ones, aged between two and five. Actress and mum-of-two Tamzin Outhwaite is supporting the Munch Time campaign.

Munch Time Ireland is now open for entries and the judges are seeking entries from creative mums, dads and grandparents, or indeed anyone who has a magical story to tell that young children will love. The winning story will be awarded €1,000 with two runners-up receiving €500 each. The closing date for entries is midnight on 31 May 2013.
For further information on entering the Munch Time story writing competition, please visit


NDC Guarantee – Assuring consumers about origin

"Origin and quality are currently top of mind for consumers. This arises in the context of food safety and in the context of the heightened awareness of the value of supporting our local economy brought about by the recession," says Zoë Kavanagh, chief executive of the National Dairy Council (NDC).


However she explains that it also arises because of a growing appreciation for the superb pasture basis for dairy farming which we enjoy, which is a very natural environment for cows. "Local dairy farming represents a style of sustainable dairy farming that consumers are increasingly interested in," says Kavanagh.

"Since 2009, consumers in the Republic of Ireland have had the re-assurance of knowing that if they buy milk or cream with the NDC Guarantee, it is both farmed and processed locally. 

The NDC Guarantee appears on some 340 milk and cream products in the Republic of Ireland, ranging from brand leaders to ‘private label’ products that can be licensed to carry the NDC mark because they source and process their milk in the Republic of Ireland and they meet all of the necessary NDC licensing criteria and audits.

Research shows that consumers here have become very engaged in the jobs debate in the current climate, with 31% of consumers saying they are buying more Irish food and drink brands, and, when asked why – 90% are saying that want to support the economy and jobs.* 

The NDC Guarantee directly supports the jobs of 2,483 people locally in dairies and 2,193 dairy farmers involved in farming ‘table’ milk. However the actual economic value is much higher than this, as the economic multiplier effect associated with the agri food sector means that consumers who choose milk and cream with the NDC mark are in fact supporting 12,415 jobs in our economy.** 
Kylemore Services Group (KSG) is the 100% Irish owned company behind ‘Kylemore Retail’, the restaurant dining and corporate hospitality group, ‘Two and You’ and commercial contract restaurant and hospitality company ‘More with Food’. It has now celebrated its first year exclusively using milk and cream with the National Dairy Council Guarantee (NDC).

Kylemore Services Group (KSG) accounts for approximately one million litres of milk annually across its 100 locations across the country.

*(Source: Bord Bia "Retaining Loyalty to Irish Brands 2, 2011")
**(Source: Miller et al 2011)
**(Source: The Economy Impact of Food Harvest 2020 on Employment in Ireland – Ana Corina Miller, Alan Matthews, Trevor Donnellan and Cathal O’Donoghue)








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