CSNA supports ‘Save Jobs – Sign The Pledge’ campaign

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'Save jobs - sign the pledge'

CSNA joins small business groups to launch campaign on labour costs



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13 March 2024

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Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA), The Irish SME Association (ISME) and a number of other trade organisations have recently launched a major nationwide campaign to address rising labour costs.

In a statement, CSNA noted that it is calling for greater representation for small businesses on the Labour Employer Economic Forum and the Low Pay Commission.

‘Save Jobs – Sign The Pledge’

The campaign slogan is ‘Save jobs – sign the pledge’ and the groups are calling for wider support on reform of the national minimum wage, tax reform and industrial relations reform.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign Vincent Jennings, CEO, CSNA, commented: “It is grossly unfair to have small businesses wages benchmarked against those bigger firms and the public sector – small businesses simply cannot afford to stay in business with the rise in labour costs”.

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