CSNA speaks out on need to change carriage charge system

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“Overwhelming majority” of news retailers are being charged in excess of €6,500 per year to receive papers and magazines



10 August 2023

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In a recent article in the Journal.ie, the Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) spoke out on the need to reform the business of newspapers, amid an increasing number of shops opting not to stock printed papers.

The association said it has recorded approximately 40 shops that have stopped selling papers in and around Dublin city centre.

The association has also highlighted concerns over the “extremely high” cost of doing business for rural shops in particular, pointing to a recent case where a newsagent in a village in Munster was asked to put down a €2,500 deposit with a supplier, despite “only selling about €60 worth of papers every week”.

CSNA chief executive Vincent Jennings was careful to point out that “there hasn’t been a mass movement” of shops opting out of newspapers, but that it has become “much less profitable” for retailers.

According to Jennings, the “most problematic area” is the that newsagents must pay not one, but two, delivery charges for papers and magazines received each day. As a result, an “overwhelming majority” of news retailers are being charged in excess of €6,500 per year just to receive papers and magazines.

The article can be viewed here.



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