CSNA has commenced discussions with Minister Ossian Smyth’s office on ‘latte levy’

The 'Latte Levy' is expected to be introduced early next year with a levy of 20c on cups for hot drinks

The Circular Economy Bill could allow environmental levies to be applied to single-use disposable cups



5 April 2022

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The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) has begun discussions with Minister Ossian Smyth – whose office is in charge of the passage of the Circular Economy Bill – to ensure that independent retailers’ interests are articulated.

The recent publication by the Department of the Environment, Climate Change and Communications of this bill paves the way for the government’s stated aim for the shift from a “take-make-waste” linear model to a more sustainable pattern of production and consumption, to take place.

The overall intention is to minimise waste and reduce resource usage. While the bill provides for the application of environmental levies on single-use disposable cups, the CSNA points out that it also makes provision for the application of similar levies for single-use plastics and packaging.

While the bill creates the revocation of the plastic bag levy, the charging of a levy for plastic bags will be created by the bill once enacted. Revenue was responsible for the plastic bag levy, but the bill only makes reference to a “collection authority” as being the body charged with setting up the new collection regime.




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