Counterfeit notes and coins still an issue, says Central Bank

Minister Michael McGrath is "currently preparing Access to Cash legislation and developing a new National Payments Strategy"

CSNA reinforces the importance of all staff members following the store’s procedures for detecting counterfeit notes



23 May 2023

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The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) reports that at a meeting at the Central bank last week, they heard counterfeit notes and coins remain a problem.

An update on counterfeit banknote detection in Ireland was provided which showed that  trends on counterfeit detection are broadly in line with last year.

According to the Central Bank of Ireland, the most commonly detected items are:

  • €50 Inkjet counterfeit with physical thread and Chinese foil, which originates in Ireland.
  • Movie Money/Prop Copy classes (mainly detected in both the €10 and €20 denominations)

It was confirmed that none of these classes appear to pose any difficulty for banknote handling machines, and members were reminded of the importance of authentication using an ECB approved banknote handling machine.

The CSNA is therefore urging members to remind their staff to follow the store’s procedures for detecting counterfeit notes.



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