Consumers that do their full shop at Lidl estimate savings of €1,700 per year

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66% of Irish shoppers agree that “Lidl offers the best value overall”



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13 September 2022

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New research from Lidl Ireland, conducted by Opinions Market Research, found that four in 10 consumers are reducing their weekly spend on alcohol and sweets, with one in four people also compromising by reducing their spend on health and wellness products. This comes as CSO figures from last month revealed a 1.7% increase in food prices in just one month from June to July 2022.

The research found that 29% are compromising on their meat purchases, while 19% are compromising on their fish purchases, all in a bid to curb their weekly spending. However, the research also found that shoppers who did their main shop at Lidl during the w/c 22 August spent on average 19% less than those who did their main weekly grocery shop elsewhere.

On average consumers spent €102.02 on their last main weekly food shop in other retailers compared to those who spent €81.65 on their main shop in Lidl. When asked directly how much they believe they save per week by doing their full grocery shopping, Lidl main shoppers believe they save €32.75 each week by doing their full shop with Lidl equating to an annual saving of €1,703.

Overall, the research found that eight in 10 Irish grocery shoppers agree that shopping at Lidl saves them money with 66% of Irish shoppers agreeing that “Lidl offers the best value overall”.

Furthermore, 62% of Irish shoppers believe that savvy shoppers do their full shop at Lidl. Confidence levels were extraordinarily high amongst Lidl main shoppers, 93% of whom agreed that shopping at Lidl saves them money and that they’re confident that they will get the best deals to make their money go further. Furthermore 89% of Lidl shoppers feel they can get the products they need at the right price, without compromising on quality.

Speaking on supporting consumers through the current cost of living crisis, JP Scally, CEO of Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland, said: “In response to the cost-of-living crisis, we have noticed consumers are becoming savvier in their shopping habits, and we want to help shoppers make their money go further. At Lidl Ireland, we are committed to continuing to offer our customers the best value in the market by providing quality products at affordable prices, and as the market leading discount retailer we do everything possible to keep the price paid by our customers to a minimum without compromising on quality.

“The research indicates that four in five Irish grocery shoppers are already compromising on their shop especially in the areas of alcohol, treats, fresh meat, and fish. In these challenging times, we want to assure our consumers that they don’t have to compromise on quality to make ends meet. By going full Lidl, they can still create delicious and nutritious meals for all the family whilst still enjoying some well-deserved treats and supporting Irish suppliers.”

The research also revealed that Ireland’s savviest shoppers are doing their full shop in Lidl for the numerous benefits, including saving time as well as money and picking up everything they need at the best prices. Lidl main shoppers agree that doing a full shop in Lidl helps them to reduce spend, currently essential due to inflation and the rising cost of living, with 92% of these also agreeing that doing a full shop at Lidl also saves time.



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