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The Seasonal Treats range is available from November right through the Christmas holidays
The Seasonal Treats range is available from November right through the Christmas holidays

Including everything consumers could possibly need to prepare for the party season, the 2009 Christmas essentials category will deliver on value and quality.


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16 November 2009

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Although the prospect for Christmas 2009 is bleak from certain quarters, and pragmatic at best from others, improvements in consumer sentiment were noted in August, September and October by the ESRI. Analysts attributed the gains to an improved outlook for the economy and labour market, despite the fact that concerns over financial stability linger and people are worried about the forthcoming budget.

Therefore any improvement in consumer sentiment at all can be read as a positive indicator; that consumers may respond favourably to the slightest stimulus. Christmas this year is going to be tough but there is reason to hope for some positives. Those positives will translate into sales as people look to make the best of the festive season after a difficult year.

Christmas represents the greatest chance for retailers to drive incremental sales within their stores and a focus on value offers and promotions will help capture the traditional Christmas spend during challenging economic times. More than ever, consumers will be on the hunt for bargains on essential items.

Innovative point of sale and merchandising remain central to generating footfall during the festive period, as well as thoughtful ranging across the broad spectrum of categories, from confectionery and home bakery products to batteries and kitchen essentials. As always, delivering a competitive offer across the store, in addition to the seasonal ranges, will be key for driving sales this Christmas.


Inspired by the season of sharing, Cuisine de France has launched its new range of Seasonal Treats, a Christmas selection of tempting confectionaries to share or to enjoy individually.

Building on the success of last year’s range, Cuisine de France Seasonal Treats this year will now include new products such as the apple and mixed berry iced stars, handmade mallow pudding and chocolate flake cake. Also in the range are last year’s top-selling treats: traditional mince pies, cranberry and orange muffin, and handmade chocolate Christmas stars.

The Seasonal Treats range is available from November right through the Christmas holidays and are priced to make them the perfect affordable treat.

A dedicated Christmas campaign coupled with eye catching point of sale and secondary display units will ensure that Cuisine de France Seasonal Treats are a range of Christmas classics in the making.


Premier Foods Ireland, the market leader in ambient desserts, is reinvigorating the ambient dessert sector with the launch of Ambrosia Puds, a range of everyday, complete desserts that capture childhood memories of comfort food.

Crumble Puds and Jelly Puds are ideal for busy, working mums and provide the whole family with a modern and convenient way to enjoy the best of Ambrosia creamy Devon Custard. The launch addresses the ‘complete my meal’ occasion, which makes up 39% of all dessert occasions in Ireland.

Crumble Puds contain Ambrosia creamy Devon Custard, fruit compote and crumble on the side, while Jelly Puds combine fruit jelly with Ambrosia creamy Devon Custard. With less than 5% fat, Crumble Puds and Jelly Puds are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

“Our new twin-pot means that you can blend and pour one side to enjoy cold or snap off the custard compartment and heat in the microwave to enjoy hot. As with all Ambrosia products, Crumble Puds and Jelly Puds contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives,” said Cathy Kelly, Ambrosia brand manager, Premier Foods Ireland.

Crumble Puds are available in three fruit flavours: apple, rhubarb and peach. While Jelly Puds are available in strawberry and raspberry jelly flavours.

Both ranges are being supported with consumer press advertising and in-store activity.

Avonmore BaileysAVONMORE

Ireland’s favourite cream, Avonmore Cream has nine of the top 10 selling cream products. From traditional fresh cream to convenient freshly whipped cream, as well as light, double and sour cream, guaranteeing a cream to suit every occasion and need this festive season.

Back this Christmas by popular demand is Avonmore Freshly Whipped Bailey’s Cream 585ml, a blend of Ireland’s favourite freshly whipped cream and the luxurious taste of Bailey’s Original Irish Cream Liqueur. Conveniently whipped and packed in a resealable 585ml tub, the indulgent cream is perfect for spooning over cakes, pastries, puddings and other Christmas favourites. Avonmore Freshly Whipped Bailey’s Cream can also be enjoyed in coffee or hot chocolate.

Adding a taste of Christmas to any dessert this festive season, Avonmore Freshly Whipped Brandy Cream is the perfect complement to Christmas pudding, mince pies and is a great topping on coffee. Also available for the Christmas period is Avonmore Fresh Cream 750ml, a larger volume of cream perfect for the many times which cream will be consumed in Irish households this festive season.

With over 53% share of the cream market in ROI, Avonmore is a firm favourite with Irish consumers not only at Christmas but all year round.


Nestlé has gone back to basics with Black Magic Classic Favourites, re-introducing the brand’s heritage with six varieties of ‘classic favourites’ from the original Black Magic recipe. A selection of flavours including Caramel Caress, Dreamy Fudge, Whole Hazelnut Praline and Orange Sensations, Classic Favourites are back by popular demand.

Available to order in 376g and 188g pack formats collectively with Dairy Box, a contemporary range of milk chocolates, Nestlé now offers a complete dark and milk chocolate collection.

Killeen holds the number one position in the cleaning product and refuse sack market

Killeen holds the number one position in the cleaning product and refuse sack market


Killeen holds the number one position in the cleaning product and refuse sack market, with a 34% market share. And according to the brand, it is driving the category with innovations to satisfy all needs this Christmas.

Killeen continues to deliver a powerful combination of high product performance and value for money for the consumer. The highly successful launch of Killeen’s laundry aid range in 2009 demonstrates Killeen’s commitment to meeting the needs of consumers.

This Christmas, Killeen has a cloth and scourer to tackle any cleaning job around the home. The versatile Kitchen Mate sponge scourer remains a firm favourite with consumers due to its flexibility and durability in the kitchen. Killeen Easi Clean shifts stubborn stains fast and is suitable for any household cleaning job. It is also ideal for scrubbing Christmas vegetables.

For cleaning up after staff and home parties, Killeen Aware biodegradable sacks help to save the Earth without costing the Earth. In addition, Christmas cleaning is made easier by Killeen in-home products, including four-pack Micro Fibre Cloths, six-pack Mop Ups, Bathroom Cleaner and Polishing Sponges.


The Lakeshore Seasonal range comprises a luxurious, premium-end, best-selling selection of perennial favourites, including Ham Glaze, Brandy Butter, Cranberry Sauce and Mincemeat, which are once again available for Christmas. Each product is made to a traditional recipe using only the best ingredients, that are carefully sourced.

Available again this year is the very popular range of gourmet fats, Goose Fat and Duck Fat. The products appeal to the home chef keen to add flavour to home prepared dishes and interested in using the finest ingredients in preparing their Christmas meals.

Lakeshore continues to be supported by attractive trade promotions, tailored in-store point of sale and appealing press advertising.

Ampersand is offering a once-off special retailer promotion on Ritmeester Half Corona this Christmas, giving away six complimentary bottles of wine with every purchase of eight Outers (200 cigars)

Ampersand is offering a once-off special retailer promotion on Ritmeester Half Corona this Christmas, giving away six complimentary bottles of wine with every purchase of eight Outers (200 cigars)


Ritmeester Half Corona is a must-stock item this Christmas. The season sees sales of Ritmeester Half Corona increase year-on-year as consumers look for a quality gift offering or for a superior cigar to smoke while celebrating over the festive period. Prepared from a blend of Java and Brazil wrapped in Java tobacco, Ritmeester Half Corona is a handy size for the smoker.

To coincide with the season, Ampersand is offering a once-off special retailer promotion. When you buy eight Outers (200 cigars) of Ritmeester Half Corona you will receive six complimentary bottles of wine. The offer is limited to two orders per customer.

The Ritmeester range offers Irish cigar smokers a wide assortment of fine Dutch cigars, which also include: Pikeur, Tip, Miniatures and Moods. Ampersand has been distributing the Ritmeester range since acquiring the agency in June 2008.


Christmas is a key trading period for crisps and snacks, especially in sharing and multi-packs, and this Christmas Walkers is helping retailers maximise the sales opportunity with its festive offering of sharing bags: Doritos 225g, Sensations 160g and Walkers six-pack.

Doritos and Sensations are among the best-selling sharing bags in Ireland and together they have four of the top 10 selling sharing lines (ACN scantrack MAT/Symbols/Value 04/10/09).

James O’Rourke, Walkers category manager, comments: “The big bag sharing occasion is one that we at Walkers are championing and social sharing represents a big sales opportunity. Within that, Christmas represents the biggest sales opportunity of all. We advise retailers to stock up now and maximise visibility in-store to drive incremental sales this Christmas.”

To help retailers do just that, Walkers has developed a seasonal in-store display unit containing favourite Sensations, Doritos and Walkers six-pack flavours, available from now until Christmas.

O’Rourke continues: “We would encourage retailers to explore seasonal opportunities and inspire their shoppers. By merchandising key sellers for Christmas together it will increase sales dramatically. At least half of all shoppers at Christmas time will be looking specifically for crisps and snacks, which makes Christmas the biggest sales opportunity of the year.”


Sellotape remains Ireland’s favourite tape, trusted by generations of Irish consumers. The brand currently commands unprecedented levels of consumer awareness, alongside Pritt and Loctite in the range of market-leading brands from Henkel Consumer Adhesives.

Sellotape Original is at the core of Henkel’s environmental credentials, as it is made from cellulose film, derived from wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests. And the film is completely bio-degradable.

Although Christmas isn’t just about presents, 50% of all Sellotape sales take place during the crucial festive season. This makes Sellotape a must-stock item for every convenience store and supermarket: “Every consumer will need to wrap at least one present in December,” the brand maintains.

The well-organised present wrapper will plan their buying of paper and Sellotape, but there is also the less organised buyer who will pick up Sellotape on impulse. With this in mind, there is a range of merchandising options including dump bins, clip-strips and till packs, to help maximise profit. In addition, strong, proven promotion packs will make Sellotape more popular than ever this Christmas.



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