Bord Bia’s Irish Farmhouse Cheese Summer Campaign celebrates sector’s richness and diversity

Campaign aims to bring Irish farmhouse cheese to the forefront of consumers' minds during the summer months



7 July 2023

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Bord Bia has launched an Irish Farmhouse Cheese campaign for summer 2023, with a key aim of raising awareness of the exceptional quality and unique flavours of Irish Farmhouse Cheeses.

From lush green pastures to the passionate cheese makers, each cheese represents a distinct part of Ireland, capturing the essence of its landscape and the artistry of its producers.

Irish Farmhouse Cheeses are renowned for their wide variety of styles and milk types, including cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo. The combination of passion, people, place, and pasture contributes to the unparalleled taste and quality of these cheeses. Each cheese reflects the cheesemaker’s personality and the story of the farm where it was made.

“Our ambition is to bring Irish Farmhouse Cheese to the forefront of consumers’ minds during the summer months,” says Liam McCabe, sector manager for Dairy Specialist Sectors at Bord Bia. “We want to remind people of the versatility and excellence of farmhouse cheeses, whether it’s the perfect centrepiece for a cheeseboard when entertaining friends or incorporating them into delightful recipes that support local producers.”

As part of the summer campaign, Bord Bia is running a competition where people can enter for a chance to win one of five Farmhouse Cheese Summer Hampers (RRP: €50 each) at the following link:

The messaging and creative elements of the campaign emphasise the quality and versatility of Irish Farmhouse Cheese. Topics such as creating the perfect summer cheeseboard and exploring delicious recipes using farmhouse cheeses will be highlighted. For more information and inspiration, visit

The target audience for this campaign includes families with young children, who are avid purchasers of specialty cheeses. Additionally, individuals in their 30s, balancing work and family life, are encouraged to discover the joys of Irish Farmhouse Cheeses. These individuals seek to lead healthier, more sustainable lives while embracing nature and supporting local producers.

The campaign is running until 10 July, with the goal of bringing Irish Farmhouse Cheese to the forefront of consumers’ minds during the summer months.

Winners of the competition will be contacted by 16 July.



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