Asda to expand Strabane store

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Asda is expanding its Strabane store to capitalise on the volume of traffic coming over the border from the Republic



7 July 2009

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Asda has announced plans to extend its Strabane store in Northern Ireland with a 15,000 sq ft extension, it was reported in the UK trade press. The move is allegedly being taken in order to capitalise on the large volume of cross-border trade received by the outlet every week. The expansion plan includes the addition of a mezzanine floor to carry a wider range of non-food, while the ground floor will be used to allocate more space to the retailer’s grocery ranges. In addition, checkout numbers will be doubled in order to cater for increased shopper numbers.

Speaking to the Strabane Chronicle, a spokesperson for Asda said that the supermarket saw an increase in euro spend from 28% to 38% of total sales this time last year. Strabane store manager, Eugene Teague, meanwhile said that the development marks a “new landmark” for Asda.



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