Aldi commits to paying Living Wage rate of €11.70

Aldi wants to take on 500 new staff in a wide range of positions
Aldi products have won multiple awards at the Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards 2019

Aldi has announced an increase in the minimum pay of its staff, raising it to match the recommendations of the government's Living Wage Technical Group.



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5 January 2018

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Aldi Ireland has confirmed plans for a minimum pay rate of €11.70 per hour, matching the living wage rate recommended by the Living Wage Technical Group. The retailer states the move reaffirms Aldi’s position as Ireland’s highest-paying supermarket, and the first to commit to paying staff the recommended €11.70 rate.

Some employees already earn up to €14 per hour in Irish stores.

The new rate comes into effect on 1 February 2018 and represents a 20c increase on the entry-level pay for Aldi store assistants, stock assistants and caretakers.

“Our store colleagues are the cornerstone of our business,” says Giles Hurley, group managing director.  “Without their hard work and dedication day in, day out, we would be unable to provide customers with the lowest grocery prices in Ireland.

“We are committed to offering the best pay and benefits in the industry and will continue to do so,” Hurley said.

The announcement follows a period of growth and store expansion for Aldi. The group is currently engaged in a three year €100m new store opening programme, while also investing €60m in revamping and refurbishing its existing stores nationwide.

Aldi currently has an 11.2% share of Ireland’s grocery market.

Full details of Aldi’s roles and pay are available at



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