Alcohol MUP in force from today

The minimum cost of a standard drink is now €1 



4 January 2022 | 0

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Minimum unit pricing for alcohol came into effect from today onwards, in a move which has been welcomed by Alcohol Action Ireland.

The minimum price is calculated based on the number of grams of alcohol, with one gram costing at least 10 cent.

A standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol in Ireland, with the result that the minimum cost of a standard drink is now €1.

While the price of premium alcohol will remain largely unaffected, the changes will be evident in cheaper alcohol and promotional deals.

A 12.5% bottle of wine has 7.4 standard drinks and should cost at least €7.40 from today onwards. A 500ml can of beer (4.3%) should cost a minimum of €1.70 while a 700ml bottle of spirits (40%) should cost a minimum of €22.09.




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