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As Ireland’s third-wave lockdown continues, convenient and nutritious cooked meats which make it quick and easy to prepare a plethora of snacks, salads and scrumptious stir-fries will remain in strong demand, writes Gillian Hamill


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22 January 2021 | 0

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Ireland’s leading cooked meat brands, as highlighted below, have continued to innovate with distinctive new flavours and seasonings, as well as new on-the-go formats which make it even easier for your shoppers to prepare nutritious snacks in just minutes. Ease and convenience have become ever more important for those who are now juggling their home and family lives while working from home during lockdown. Many of these consumers are doing just one big weekly shop, and are keen to enjoy healthy meals and snacks they can quickly rustle up with what’s in the fridge, while also delivering on the value-for-money front.

As analyst Euromonitor stated in a new report published in December 2020, the segment saw a positive boost in 2020, thanks to the increased rate of home cooking due to foodservice closures as a result of Covid-19.

Flavour in every bite

Carroll’s of Tullamore Crumbed Ham is now available in a 38% bigger pack

Carroll’s of Tullamore continues to be one of the leading brands within the cooked meats category, with a wide range of products which appeal to a broad range of consumers. During 2020, the brand jumped six places in the rankings to reach number 29 in the ‘ShelfLife 100 Master Brands at Home’, as measured by Kantar.

2021 is set to be an exciting year for the Carroll’s brand with new targeted consumer campaigns and investment in innovative new product launches. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Carroll’s sponsorship of Offaly GAA, from 1991-2021, well known as one of the longest standing county sponsorships within the GAA.

Carroll’s has led the way in the development of the grab-and-go segment – premium quality deli meats are now available sliced and pre-packed for the convenience of the customer. A great solution also for retailers who don’t have a deli counter in-store.

Made from 100% chicken breast with no added water, Carroll’s Signature Roast Chicken Pieces are available in four tasty flavours

Carroll’s Signature Roast Chicken Pieces are made from 100% chicken breast and with no added water. Available in four tasty flavours; Rotisserie Style, Honey & Chilli, Smokey Barbecue and Fajita Style, this range of chicken pieces unlike others are fully coated, ensuring the succulent chicken delivers on flavour in every bite. The chicken pieces are perfect for spicing up sandwiches and salads, or even as a cooking ingredient.

Carroll’s New York Deli range continues to go from strength to strength. This range inspires the consumer to make premium, delicious stacked sandwiches that are going to meet the needs of their taste buds as well as fuelling them in their busy lives. The range delivers the premium taste and quality of New York Deli, brought to you by a trusted Irish brand.

Carroll’s of Tullamore shows no signs of slowing down in 2021 and is a must-stock in your cooked meats range.

Renowned for quality

Brady Family Ham is the number one cooked meats brand for Irish consumers

From its home in Timahoe, County Kildare, Brady Family Ham continues to grow within the cooked meats category and is now firmly established as the number one cooked meats brand for Irish consumers, holding its category leading position for the third year running, according to Nielsen Scan Track Data from April 2018 – April 2020.

Brady Family Ham is made from 100% Irish pork, carved from a single pork joint and contains no added water. First established in 1978, the brand is renowned for its high quality, having built up a strong reputation with consumers and retailers over the years through its award-winning delicatessen range. This leading ham brand consistently carries the Bord Bia Quality mark, which provides reassurance for consumers that Brady Family products are 100% Irish and meet the highest quality standards.

Brady Family 7 Day Dry Aged Ham has a unique meaty texture and flavour profile

With a strong focus on innovation, the brand continues to stay relevant and attract new shoppers. In addition to its delicatessen hams, the Brady Family pre-packed range includes premium carved topside ham, a Just Add shredded range which is ideal for a convenient dinner solution, its Master Butcher Edition range which includes premium whole muscle sliced delicatessen ham products and a Christmas range which includes award-winning pre-cooked Christmas hams that are a firm favourite with their consumers.

2020 was an exciting year for Brady Family as it launched a 7 Day Dry Aged Ham range under its premium Master Butcher Edition tier. This range offers something truly unique to the category as it brings the skill and craft of Ireland’s top cooked meats brand into the continental meats section in-store. Its unique meaty texture and flavour profile makes it the perfect accompaniment to any charcuterie board.

Naturally nutritious

Naturally high in protein, the Green Farm range makes a nourishing addition to sandwich, salad, stir fry or snack

Green Farm is a tasty, cooked meat choice that is always 100% natural. The Green Farm range of chicken, turkey and beef is naturally high in protein so provides a nourishing addition to any sandwich, salad, stir fry or snack.

Naturally high in protein, the Green Farm range makes a nourishing addition to sandwich, salad, stir fry or snack

Green Farm has a rich heritage of keeping the health and wellbeing of the consumer as a key focus. A marked milestone on this journey was the removal of artificial flavours and preservatives from all Green Farm products in 2011. Since then, the brand has consistently delivered innovation in chicken, turkey and beef products, supported by recipe inspiration, to make eating well easy for the consumer.

The Green Farm On the Go range of 100% natural, protein powered chicken bites makes it easy for consumers to snack smart

The latest development on the Green Farm brand is the recent launch of a new snacking range, Green Farm On the Go. This range of 100% natural, protein powered chicken bites helps consumers to snack smart with 23g of protein per pack. Each pack contains a handy skewer making it the perfect on-the-go snacking option. This range is stocked in selected Tesco, SuperValu and convenience stores nationwide.

The future of meat

A recent report on ‘Tomorrow’s Meat’ compiled by Bord Bia Thinking House in conjunction with Jump, published in January 2020, highlights a number of key insights for the future of the meat category.

Key innovation opportunity areas are outlined, which include the following:

Lean and clean

According to Bord Bia’s report, people want to live lean and also eat lean. The Ketogenic diet is on the rise and the Paleo diet is forecast to endure. Both recommend eating lean meats. Bord Bia also states that global data surveys report an increase in demand for hormone-free and anti-biotics free – ‘clean meats – as well as growing importance of meats with reduced fat and salt content. This is especially prevalent in APAC countries.

360◦ wellness

We’re likewise seeing the emergence of a 360◦ wellness mindset where people seek all round body, mind and spirit wellbeing as prerequisite in their lifestyle, not as an extra.

Meat contains naturally occurring Vitamin B3 and Tyrosine Amino Acids associated with mood uplift. Meat makes us feel good.

Energy boost

We’re facing an energy deficit in how we live our daily lives. Factors such as urban congestion, light pollution and stress levels make daily energy an even more critical need.

Meat is the natural energy boosting food. Vitamins D and B12, zinc, iron, creatine and taurine, all naturally produced in meat, deliver an array of energy, strength and immunity benefits to the body.

Eclectic discernment

The Bord Bia Thinking House report also looks at ‘eclectic discernment’; an area defined as “contemporary everyday food experiences that are both elevated and experimental”.

Opportunity areas within eclectic discernment highlight a number of key points:

New refinement

People are seeking out new levels and new takes on quality. Bord Bia’s report states we’re seeing people seek out more refined eating experiences through more tender meats and rediscovered meat types such as game.

New provenance

As tastes in discernment grow and broaden, the need for clear, distinctive brands increases as consumers seek to understand and justify any premium.

New frontiers

Bord Bia’s report highlights how as tastes in discernment grow and broaden, the need for clear, distinctive brands increases as consumers seek to understand and justify any premium. From harissa to gochujang to Peruvian peppers, flavours originated from diverse areas of the globe are spicing up meat jerky, snacks and burgers, as well as menus in upscale dining establishments.

*(Source: www.bordbia.ie/globalassets/bordbia2020/industry/insights/new-publications/the-future-of-meat-january-2020.pdf)



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