7 top tips to ensure success of the Re-turn scheme

Troubleshooting tips for successful management of grocery retailers RVM estate



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15 March 2024

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In order to ensure the reliability and success of the Re-turn scheme, Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) offers its expert guidelines on reporting data points, troubleshooting tips, and information for retailers.

CSNA’s top 7 tips

  1. Power and connectivity check:

Regularly verify proper connection and power supply to prevent functionality loss due to power issues.

  1. Machine inspection:

Conduct routine checks on all drawers and components to ensure no blockages hinder operation.

  1. Scheduled cleaning:

Establish a cleaning schedule to prevent build-up and maintain optimal performance.

  1. Staff training:

Provide comprehensive training on return vending machine (RVM) troubleshooting and maintenance to empower staff to address issues promptly.

  1. Service level agreements (SLAs):

Ensure clear SLAs and access to engineering support to minimise downtime, especially during peak periods.

  1. Regular updates:

Request updates from RVM providers on potential issues to stay proactive in addressing concerns.

  1. Knowledge sharing:

Share machine usage and troubleshooting tips with all staff to ensure coverage during absences and off-peak hours.

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