Re-turn clarifies stance on deposit fees for non Re-turn logo stock

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"Consumers will always be entitled to a refund of their deposit," when containers are returned empty and undamaged, Re-turn clarifies



2 February 2024

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Yesterday saw the launch of the much-discussed Deposit Return Scheme for which retailers have been preparing for month. Naturally, many shoppers took to social media to air their views on the topic.

A number of shoppers complained that they had been charged a deposit fee for drinks they bought which didn’t display a Re-turn logo on their packaging. They were concerned that they would not be able to recoup the deposit fee as a result.

To clarify this subject, Re-turn issued a statement yesterday evening relating to the deposit fee on some non Re-turn logo stock during the transition period.

“Any consumer who pays a deposit on a drinks container will receive a full refund of the deposit when they return the empty and undamaged drinks containers to participating shops and supermarkets nationwide,” Re-turn stated.


February 1, 2024, marks the start of a four-month transition period for retailers. During this time, retailers may sell both non-deposit stock and Re-turn logo stock to prevent wastage.


“During this transition period, some drinks containers may be subject to a deposit even if they do not feature the Re-turn logo. In these instances, consumers will always be entitled to a refund of their deposit. This measure is in place to reduce the wastage of existing stock. From 1 June, all drinks containers included in the Scheme will feature the Re-turn logo.

“Should consumers be charged a deposit on drinks containers without a Re-turn logo, please be assured you will get your deposit back when they are returned empty and undamaged to RVM return points nationwide.


“If a consumer is in any doubt on whether their drinks container is included in the Scheme and eligible for a deposit refund, please go to to verify.”

ShelfLife will report further on the introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme. If you would like to share your thoughts on the subject, please email our staff journalist Shauna Bernard at



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