Febvreuary opens in style!

President of Maison Louis Latour, Louis Fabrice Latour

Febvreuary gets off to a flying start with '21 Wines - 21 Days' showcase



1 February 2016

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Febvre’s Febvreuary, a month of wine discovery, kicked off on Monday 1 February at 11am with ’21 Wines – 21 Days’ at the Febvre showrooms in Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.  That morning, Febvreuary presented ‘Not the Usual Suspects’ with Febvre wine educator, Noel MacMahon as Keyser Söze showed wines made from ‘unusual’ or alternative varieties.  Febvre wines will be on show each working day during February and visitors can also experience Le Verre de Vin Wine by the Glass technology which keeps both still and sparkling wines fresh for 21 days.

Dante Cecchini from Castello Banfi in Italy will host ‘The Tuscan Lifestyle’ Tasting in Drury Buildings, Dublin 2 on Tuesday 2nd and in Il Vicolo Restaurant in Galway on Wednesday 3rd.  These tastings will include a vertical of the stunning Brunello di Montacino 1993, 2005 and 2010 vintages.

It is on to France on the afternoon of Thursday 4th when Louis Fabrice Latour, the seventh Louis Latour and the eleventh generation of the family to run the business first established in 1797, will present twelve wines that tell the story of innovation at Latour. President of Maison Louis Latour, Louis Fabrice is one of the most influential people in the world of wine and has earned the title ‘Louis, the Innovator’ since he took over the family business.

All the Febvreuary events are open to the trade but, as places are limited, anyone wishing to attend should book their place at www.febvrewines.ie/events or through their Febvre representative.

There are lots more of interesting things happening throughout the month and details of these can be seen on   wwwfebvre.ie/events.



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