You have got the job…so now what?

Don’t slip up on day one! Making a positive first impression when you start a new position will help your career progress in the right direction
Don’t slip up on day one! Making a positive first impression when you start a new position will help your career progress in the right direction

After working hard to impress throughout a rigorous interview process, it’s important not to let the ball slip when you start a challenging new role. Barry Whelan outlines how to live up to the promises you made your new employer during your interview



11 September 2013

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All your hard work and preparation has paid off and you finally have that job you have been so desperately after. You have hit the town to celebrate and spent a load of money you haven’t yet earned and of course told everyone at your last company just what you think of them!

But all that hard work and preparation to secure your new position doesn’t end there – in fact, it’s only just begun.

It’s your first day in the office, and after impressing at the interview, remember it is now time to live up to that impression and prove you are the right person for the job. Here’s how:

Arrive early  

First of all, show your enthusiasm by arriving early, particularly on the first day. Just as with an interview, it’s good to show that you are eager and well organised by turning up a little earlier than your start time. You may need to take into account that you may be driving a new route and navigating an area where you are unfamiliar with traffic times or delays that might build or catching a different train so give yourself plenty of time. At the same time don’t go overboard. Turning up at 8am for a 9am start time won’t win you any points.

Dress to impress

Dress to impress, but dress appropriately. Remember what people were wearing when you were interviewing. Mirror this. You may have worn a smart suit, which is perfectly acceptable, but if the office operates a casual dress policy, you may not want to be so formal when you start. If you can’t remember, then hedge your bets and go suited and booted for the first day.

Do your company research

You have done your research in order to get the job in the first place, but it doesn’t hurt to know as much as you can. You were probably so overwhelmed by the interview that you didn’t take in everything that you were told. Do a little online research to find out the basics – at least the names of the managers or company directors.

Be confident in introduction

There is a good chance that on your first day you’ll be introduced to a lot of people. Beyond just trying to remember everyone’s name, this is your chance to make a good impression with your new colleagues. A firm handshake and eye contact are both recommended, as well as a brief line telling them your name and what you do.

Ask plenty of questions

You may have done your research, but you are bound to be overloaded with new information as you are shown the ropes at your new place of work. If you are unsure of anything, ask questions right then and there. It’s better than having to admit later on that you weren’t following everything that was shared. Even if you understand everything you’re told, asking a few questions can only prove that you are keen to learn more about the role.

Always take notes

Writing things down will help you when it comes to knowing every fine detail about the company, and it can also give you an air of confidence. You don’t have to be overly precise, just a few things to jog your memory when you look over your notes. Keep your notepad with you at all times, especially if you are writing personal descriptions of the people you are going to be working with.

 Get involved

As you get to know your new colleagues, there are bound to be plenty of opportunities that will allow you to mingle with the crowd. Don’t shy away from invites for lunch, after-work drinks or even sporting activities. Take every opportunity to show that you are part of the team and not just there for the money.



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