What about me?…Michael Horgan, Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies Ltd.

Michael Horgan, Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies Ltd.
Michael Horgan, Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies Ltd.

Michael Horgan gives ShelfLife the lowdown on a few of his favourite things



19 April 2011

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What’s your job title?
Managing director

Your favourite grocery shop?  
The English Market in Cork City

How long is your typical working day?  
About 10 hours now that I have passed the 60 mark!

How do you describe yourself?  
Passionate about food and passionate about the sports I follow

What’s your favourite Irish product?  
Irish Spring Lamb at Easter time

What’s your favourite brand, outside of the brands you represent, and why?  
Glenilen Farm who produce a delightful range of desserts, yogurts and other dairy products

What piece of legislation would you introduce/change?  
Appoint one authority to deal with all aspects of quality standards and controls in relation to food production, especially in the area of the indigenous or artisan food production. Rescinding the Groceries Order was a disastrous piece of legislation.  It has resulted in many independent shops going out of business.  These were the life-blood of every town and village in the country.

What historical figure would you invite to dinner?
John F. Kennedy

The best gift you ever received?  
A greyhound pup for my 60th Birthday

What possession could you not live without?  
My computer

What was your first job?  
Running our family butchering business in Mitchelstown from the age of 16

What was your childhood dream/ambition?  
To travel to Australia and work in the meat business

What’s your ambition now?  
To continue working in our business for a few more years and grow old gracefully among my family and friends

What’s the worst ad ever?  
The News of the World advertisement with Bertie Ahern

What’s your favourite ad at the moment?
I think the current Bulmers advertisements are great

Your favourite newspaper?  
The Irish Examiner

Who is inspirational in Irish business?  
Myrtle & Darina Allen, Ballymaloe & Peter Ward, Nenagh

What (if anything) was the last thing you bought on the Internet?  
A range of small equipment for processing our own free-range pigs

What’s your pet hate?  
People that show no enthusiasm and passion in their job

Three essential grocery items you’d take with you for a week on a desert island?  
Horgan’s Honey Baked Ham on the Bone, Killowen Vintage Cheddar & Chamberlains of Mitchelstown handmade bread



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