What about…Ciaran Meyler, United Wine Merchants?

Ciaran Meyler, United Wine Merchants
Ciaran Meyler, United Wine Merchants

22 November 2010

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What’s your job title?
Wine sales manager

Your favourite off-licence?
McHugh’s Off Licence, Kilbarrack

How do you describe yourself?
Passionate, persistent and humorous

What’s your favourite drink?
Wine, but it’s impossible to narrow it down to one. Wine is for an occasion, it depends on where you are who you are with, what you are eating and even the time of year. When I’m out in a restaurant I will look at the wine list first, find the best wine available for the occasion and them search the menu for something to go with it.

What’s your favourite drink brand, outside of any brands you may represent, and why?
Guinness, it’s our very own black wine

Should drink ads be limited/banned, why/why not?
No, drink ads are subjected to serious scrutiny before the public see them. There are many things advertised on TV that if consumed in excess will do a person great harm. You can’t ban everything. It’s a cultural thing; we need to promote more moderate consumtion.

What piece of legislation would you introduce/change?
I think the Scottish proposal to have a minimum price per unit of alcohol would be very effective in promoting moderate consumption. If someone wanted to sell a drink very cheap it would have to be very low in alcohol. It would also leave everyone on a level playing field.

The best gift you ever received?
My two girls Tara & Clodagh

What possession could you not live without?
My laptop/computer.

What was your first job?
Picking spuds the size of rugby balls at a farm in Omagh.

What’s the worst ad ever?
Just for Men ads

What’s your favourite drink ad at the moment?
The Heineken one where the girl shows all her friends her built in wardrobe and then the guy shows his mates the built in fridge filled with Heineken.

Country & western or rock ‘n roll?
Rock ‘n Roll

Who is inspirational in the Irish trade?
Paul Rankin

What (if anything) was the last thing you bought on the Internet?
A pair of desert boots, honestly they are back in fashion.

What’s your favourite food?
All of it, like the wine question it’s almost impossible to answer. I do love classic French cuisine, then again I love Italian, Asian, modern Irish. At home I love to cook seafood.

Wine or beer?

What makes you laugh?
The early stages of the X Factor.

Favourite insult?
Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and appear stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Who (out of anyone in the whole world alive or dead) would you most like to have drinks with?
Christy Moore for the singing, Peter Kay for the jokes and Sophie Ellis Bextor just to look at.



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