Wexford councillor calls for separate designated areas for sale of Lotto tickets and scratch cards

Sinn Féin councillor Davy Hynes says he has spoken to Wexford Minister of State for Law Reform James Browne on the subject



30 March 2023

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Sinn Féin councillor Davy Hynes wants to see Lotto tickets and scratch cards sold in a cordoned off area in shops similar to alcohol, the Wexford People reports.

The Wexford councillor is calling for the government to introduce new legislation which would be similar to that introduced for the sale of alcohol back in 2020.

Councillor Davy Hynes says that he has already spoken to Wexford Minister of State for Law Reform James Browne on the subject.

In a motion put before the March meeting of Wexford County Council, Cllr Hynes called for “supermarkets and other retail outlets to ensure that National Lottery tickets and scratch cards be displayed at a separate designated area (similar to the alcoholic drinks area) and end the present situation where they are displayed at check-outs.

“There are many people who have a gambling problem who find these a trigger and it encourages these vulnerable people to buy tickets in the vain hope of winning,” the councillor said.

While he foresees that there would be considerable lobbying from the National Lottery and other stakeholders to avoid the situation, Cllr Hayes nevertheless feels it’s an important one to pursue and said he received the unanimous backing of his colleagues in the chamber.

“I know of one woman in town here who has a terrible problem with it,” he said. “She’s spending a fortune on these things, money she doesn’t have. They’re there right in front of your face every time you go into a supermarket. It just shouldn’t be allowed.”

The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) has also reported on the councillor’s proposals in the association’s latest newsletter.




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