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We're at a loss to understand why the chat-up lines in the nightclubs of Vilnius fail to elicit the requisite response from the ladies.



12 August 2013

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On a brief sojourn there recently and after considerable and careful analysis of the correct phraseology for the Lithuanian lingo (gleaned from concentrated study of a free copy of the Vilnius in your pocket guide) we felt that repeated phonetic practice in one’s hotel room followed by repeated rehearsals in front of a mirror should render anyone able to learn off to a tee the best in Vilnius chat-up patter.

Gems of instant attraction such as “Galiu pavaisinti gerimu?” permitted the lucky lady to have her choice of drink while “Tavo veidelis klaikiaigrazus” served to let her know of her beguiling attractions as translated in the Guide: “Gosh! You’ve a jolly smashing face”.

Once out on the dancefloor one could have it all ready for the next move through intoning the compliment: “Vajetau, tu soki nuostabiai” or “Golly, you’re a fabulous dancer”.

But the killer line would seem to have them melt back into the anonymity of the nightclub darkness when one utters the immortal deal-closing phrase, “Susirink Skudurus, zuiki, il varom”.

Otherwise translated as “Get your coat, sweetie, you’ve pulled”……..

Those Vilnians sure know how to romance a gal….




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