Twenty quick questions…Finbarr Clarkson

Finbarr Clarkson, MD of Gaelite Signs
Finbarr Clarkson, MD of Gaelite Signs

Finbarr Clarkson, MD of Gaelite Signs, tells ShelfLife what makes him tick



12 September 2011

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1  Do you breakfast or ‘deskfast’ in the mornings?
I really am not great at having breakfast at all and my ‘breakfast’ normally consists of a cup or two of tea at my desk.  

2  How do you get to work?
I drive.

3  Favourite time of the day?
5pm as by that time, I generally get a sense of satisfaction at work completed that day and also the phone has stopped ringing and so I can work through other jobs without distraction.

4  Best ad on telly?
Without a doubt the Spar Fergus ad’s.

5  Worst ad on telly?
I am not so impressed with the Mace Brendan O’Connor ads.  

6  Best new product?
I still get quite excited about the development of Digital Print Machines.  

7  How do you get your news; print or web?
On first glance I would have said print, however I would always check the morning news on and

8  Favourite grocery shop?
Spar in Clonskeagh and Donnybrook Fair.

9  International product you would like to see available in Ireland?
Lascia Cars. They are day to day car however with a beautiful distinctive Italian design. I often bemoan how generic car design has become over the years.

10   Facebook or twitter?
If I had to say, Facebook, however I wouldn’t be overly au fait with either to be honest.

11   Favourite website? It is a website by the editors of the American trade magazine ‘Sign of the Times’. America remains at the fore of international developments in the signage and branding sector and Signweb provide detailed case studies from across the world.

12   Favourite politician?
I have always been impressed with Shane Ross, who is not afraid to give an opinion, something which can be quite rare in the industry. Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Minister for Small Business, John Perry, at the recent launch of our new 30,000 sq ft premises in Sandyford, Minister Perry has a difficult role to play but I have found him to be very supportive and engaged with the issues facing small businesses today.

13   Most annoying public figure?
Jim Corr       

14   Biggest fear?
Dying or those close to me dying.

15   Greatest achievement to date?

For years we were told that it would be impossible to export our signage successfully to other countries. Not only are Gaelite Signs the first Irish signage company to have achieved this, but we have completed numerous extremely time efficient international projects, in conjunction with our international partners, which have revolutionized the perception that because Ireland was a small country on the fringe of Europe, export contracts would be not be cost effective.  

16   Favourite quote?
Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

17   Cash or card?

18   Pop or Rock?

19   What’s the best thing about living in Ireland?
The people

20   What’s the last compliment you received?
The compliment that I most recently received was actually received on behalf of my team, and it was complementing our work ethic.



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