Top-up shopping up by 24% compared to March and April 2020

Kantar's latest figures compare last year's unprecedented summer weather with this year's`
36% of consumers do a top-up shop 2-3 times per week, according to Kinetic's research

Only 17% of respondents said they did their main weekly shop online



16 February 2021 | 0

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The rate of smaller ‘top-up shops’ has increased by 24% when compared to March and April 2020, with 36% of consumers doing a top-up shop 2-3 times per week. That’s according to new research published by Kinetic*, specialists in out-of-home (OOH) communications for brands.

Interestingly, only 17% of those surveyed reported doing their main weekly shop online. 30% of people reported buying less alcohol in their main weekly shop, while 47% stated they are buying more Irish products this month.

By comparison, in March and April 2020, in the early stages of lockdown, consumers adapted their shopping habits with many opting to do one large shop per week. The latest results show that the level of ‘main shops’ has remained consistent, as 53% of respondents reported doing a large shop on a weekly basis.

“Contrary to reports that consumers have moved all their shopping online, our research found in-store shopping has remained popular during this lockdown period,” said Caroline DeCourcy, insight director at Kinetic. “This presents ample opportunities for brands to engage with consumers through OOH advertising, not just at Point of Sale (POS) but also on their journey to the supermarket.”

Kinetic’s research also highlighted the desire for a return to ‘normality’ amongst consumers. 55% of people are planning to out get out more when restrictions permit, including visiting parks and popular locations outside of their 5km limit, and visiting other counties in Ireland.

Overall, the research, carried out in partnership with Spark Market research, examined changes in consumer behaviour across three categories: consumer sentiment, grocery shopping, and spending power. This is the fourth part of Kinetic’s ‘Changing Consumer Behaviour Research’ series, conducted in January 2021 among 250 respondents.  Respondents were across a main urban sample, using an online methodology.

88% of respondents cited they were spending more time out walking on a daily basis, which highlights the prominence of local audiences for the OOH industry. The research also found that 73% of people plan on visiting retail outlets once they can do so safely, while 44% will be visiting a gym regularly.  Once restrictions permit it, 55% also plan on spending time with family.

Almost all respondents interviewed agreed that they have made plans for post-lockdown. One third of respondents plan on taking a holiday when restrictions ease, with 34% planning on booking a holiday in the next two weeks.

The results indicated that there is very strong spending power among audiences of all ages. Survey respondents reported planning large purchases this year, with 34% planning on doing significant home improvements, 19% plan on buying a new car and 17% will be moving into a new home.

 *(Source: Kinetic in-house bespoke tools and data used to obtain this research. Working with research partners, Spark Market Research, this is the fourth wave of research within the ‘Reigniting OOH series’)

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