The Irish Mail on Sunday supports retailers through €1 promotion

Paul Henderson, managing director of Associated Newspapers
Paul Henderson, managing director of Associated Newspapers

Retailers can maintain their margins yet sell the Sunday paper for half its usual price



13 July 2011

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The Irish Mail on Sunday will run a promotion to benefit both consumers and retailers this weekend.

The paper will be on sale for €1 as opposed to the usual €2 price tag but the most significant element is that the usual margin will be maintained, so that already hard pressed retailers will not lose out but actually benefit from the extra sales it will generate.

Paul Henderson, managing director of Associated Newspapers, the company that owns The Irish Mail on Sunday said that he felt it was important to support the retailer in a time when the Sunday paper market had been decimated.

“Between The Sunday Tribune, Star Sunday and The News of the World now gone, approximately 12 million newspapers are off newsagents shelves. We are halving the price of the paper but maintaining the margin this Sunday. Other newspapers drop their price but the margin drops with it. This is taking money out of the retailer’s tills. 

“We’ve all got to survive this thing together. Retailers have space on their shelves. We are giving the retailer a chance to replace their sales with our paper and let them benefit financially out of it. We’re not punishing them. In the long term, we need them and they need us,” he said.

Henderson also explained that there was a competition element to the promotion for retailers too. “We normally get two facings on a Sunday but if a retailer gives us three this Sunday, they will be put into a draw for a family trip to Disneyworld and cash prizes”.

The Irish Mail on Sunday will nearly double its print run this weekend to try to pull in new customers that would have traditionally bought The News of the World, which has ceased trading due to a much publicised phone hacking scandal in the UK.



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