Surge in demand for electric vehicles recorded

7,057 EV's were registered in the first eight months of the year, up from 2,954 last year



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7 September 2021

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Electric cars now represent 7.3% of the overall new car market, the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has found. The surge in all-electric car sales continues, with 7,057 registered in the first eight months, up from 2,954 last year.

The rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) could mean further changes are in store for the forecourt and convenience sector.

Hybrid sales account for over 25% of the new car market. The market has seen significant growth with 15,720 regular hybrids registered and 6,849 plug-in hybrids.

Diesel sales meanwhile have fallen to 34%, just ahead of petrol on 32.5%.

To date this year, 96,309 new cars have been registered. While this is a 22.1% increase on data from the same eight months of 2020, it remains 12.9% down on 2019’s figures.

“What is positive is that those businesses and consumers who have been buying new cars are choosing lower emitting vehicles across all fuel types,” said Brian Cooke, director general, SIMI.

“In this context, it is important that both the government and the motor industry deliver affordable transport options to give consumers the real choice to make positive environmental decisions. In Budget 2022 this means a budget that encourages consumers and business to trade up to a lower emitting vehicle.”



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