Supermarkets pay attention to teen’s petition against eggs from caged hens

Teenager scores a coup through petition which describes farming method as “cruel, unnatural and inhumane”



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27 July 2016

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A fortnight after Tesco confirmed it will stop selling any eggs from caged hens from 2025 onwards, another major UK grocer, Morrisons, has now pledged to do the same.

A spokesman for Morrisons announced yesterday (26 July): “We have been listening hard to our customers about eggs from caged hens. Today we are making a commitment that by 2025 all our eggs will be from non-caged hens.”

The move follows the setting up of a petition by a teenager which received more than 280,000 signatures. The 2025 date will give enough time to phase out the eggs from caged hens and arrange alternative suppliers.

Lucy Gavaghan (14) launched the petition on and called on the supermarkets to stop selling the eggs as the farming method used was “cruel, unnatural and inhumane”.

Following the success of her original Tesco petition, Gavaghan decided to launch another one specifically targeting Asda and Morrisons. She told The Telegraph: “Now Tesco have decided to change, it is in no way the end. Next, I’ll be targeting Morrisons and Asda – now the only two of the big four supermarkets that continue to stock caged hens eggs without intent to change. Hopefully, the next petition will be even more successful than the current one.”

An Asda spokesperson said they were, “committed to a sustainable food supply chain and to offering our customers choice and transparency into how their food is grown and raised”. However now that Morrisons has made its latest announcement, all eyes will be on Asda to see if it follows suit.

Retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and the Co-op had already stopped selling the eggs. Meanwhile Aldi has also committed to phasing out the eggs by 2025.



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