Sunday papers increasing sales in 2009

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The latest audit from ABC revealed that the Sunday titles are bucking the downward trend hitting newspaper sales generally



11 September 2009

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According to the most recent report by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) some Sunday titles are bucking the general trend of falling sales affecting the newspaper sector. In the six months to June, The Sunday Business Post increased circulation 5.1% to 57,783 copies, signifying a 3.2% year on year increase.

The Sunday Times achieved the greatest sales growth, increasing 10.27% to 116,541 copies during the review period, or a year on year circulation increase of 10,851 copies. This also represents the fastest growth of all newspapers in the Irish market.
The Sunday Independent increased its sales by 0.7% in the six months to 272,174 copies, representing, however, a 3.8% decrease in sales year on year.

Sales of The Sunday Tribune and Sunday World both declined, by 1.4% to 65,727 copies and by 2.7% to 277,504 copies respectively in the six-month period to June. While sales of the Sunday Tribune remained flat in the year from June 2008, Sunday World circulation decreased 5% year on year.

In the daily newspaper segment, sales were down for The Irish Times, Independent, Evening Herald and The Examiner, reflecting the general state of the sector.

The Star said it was satisfied with the results despite its “slight” circulation decline to 95,613 over the six months, or average of 107,227 daily copies for the year from June 2008. Likewise The Sun was happy to maintain a lead with daily circulation of 96,725 copies over the six months, although this represents a 6.7% fall off in sales.



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