Summer sales scorchers

Limited edition Carling Zest is a 2.8% ABV beer with a light citrus flavour
Limited edition Carling Zest is a 2.8% ABV beer with a light citrus flavour

Ensure you don’t disappoint customers by failing to stock up on the drinks that will help them cool down in style and set your sales soaring, writes Gillian Hamill


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11 May 2012

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With the summer months just around the corner, consumers’ minds are turning to how they can make the most of our much-sought after sunny days, through barbecues and al fresco gatherings. Manufacturers have increasingly striven to meet the demand for refreshing summertime alcohol beverages, which is evident by the amount of NPD and innovation which has taken place across the beers and ciders, wines and spirits sectors. This is particularly evident in the latter market segment, where innovations such as pre-mixed cocktails in a bottle have been created for those who want to impress their guests with the minimum amount of hassle and fuss.  

The importance of sporting events such as Euro 2012 when it comes to generating sales cannot be underestimated, particularly within the off-trade category. Robust special offers are therefore available from distributors who are keen to capitalise on the sales opportunity such events present.    

Zest set for summer 

Limited edition Carling Zest is a 2.8% ABV beer with a light citrus flavour

Limited edition Carling Zest is a 2.8% ABV beer with a light citrus flavour

Molson Coors has launched Carling Zest, a limited edition lager from Carling, brewed for summer.

With its light citrus flavour and 2.8% ABV, Carling Zest is an ideal summer beer and it is expected that barbeque parties, pub-garden gatherings and holidays will be the main occasions when consumers drink it. The beer is an alternative to popular summer drinks such as rosé wines and ciders and consumer insight shows it appeals to both male and female drinkers. 

The launch of Carling Zest makes Molson Coors the first major brewer to create a new 2.8% ABV beer under a major brand name. To achieve Carling Zest’s refreshing taste, Molson Coors has drawn on its significant technical know-how of low-ABV brewing, which comes from its experience in brewing beers with lower alcohol content in other markets, such as Carling C2. 

Niall Phelan, Ireland country manager at Molson Coors, says of Carling Zest: “The mission we set our brewing and innovations team was clear – make us a drink perfect for the summer and in Carling Zest, they’ve just achieved that. With its clear, fresh taste and a twist of citrus, Carling Zest is a perfect beer to enjoy with friends in the sun. 

“There will be no better drink to stock this summer. The limited edition beer has tested incredibly well with consumers who are drawn to Carling Zest’s summery appeal.” 

Carling Zest will be launched primarily in 330ml bottle, four pack and 12 pack in off trade which is available now, with the potential of launching limited draught in some key accounts. 

Spiced-up for the sunny season

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is set for a spiced up summer.

Building upon a highly successful nationwide Christmas marketing campaign the Crabbie’s family is gearing up for its biggest summer of activity to date in Ireland.

The range, which features Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, now includes Crabbie’s Spiced Orange, Crabbie’s Green Ginger Wine and Crabbie’s Ginger Mulled Wine setting the brand as a leader in its field.

Once again the team at United Wine Merchants will be showcasing the brand during the Taste of Dublin festival, serving up spiffing Crabbie’s samples to over 30,000 visitors in June. A nationwide Crabbie’s bus tour of Ireland is also set to create a stir, along with sampling and promotional events taking place throughout the province. 

UWM marketing manager Melanie Talbot commented: “With a full summer of activity planned throughout Ireland, we are really urging customers to stock up for summer to avoid missing out on the continued fast paced growth and demand for Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer.” 

Crabbie’s is best served chilled, poured over a glass of ice and topped with a slice of lemon, so why not offer your customers the alternative to beers and ciders. It goes well over ice where others lose their taste – to create a delicious long drink. 

For more information on the Crabbie’s brand contact United Wine Merchants on 048 38316555, visit the website, check out the Facebook page or contact your local sales representative.

Delivering Rocky Mountain refreshment

Every bottle and can of Coors Light contains Thermochromic icon technology which will indicate if it’s ice cold and ready to drink

Every bottle and can of Coors Light contains Thermochromic icon technology which will indicate if it’s ice cold and ready to drink

As the lager market continues to show strong growth, Coors Light’s popularity is on the rise.

This summer, through a series of off-trade promotions and brand activity, Coors Light is set to be the beer on everyone’s shopping list for garden parties, barbecues and celebrations.

Summer 2012 will see increased visibility from the Rocky Mountain favourite as share points continue to grow, +2.5% on 2011 to 6.9% volume share of lager in the off trade*, supported by a programme of promotional brand activity including Coors Light giveaways in off-trade accounts this July and an on-pack offer in September.

This July, fans will be kept refreshed as the highly successful Coors Light Thermochromic glass promotion makes a comeback. This quality-centric promotion is aimed to ensure that beer fans enjoy a Rocky Mountain cold experience when enjoying the premium lager at home.  An on-pack promotion will follow in September.

Born high in the Rocky Mountains, Coors Light has been delivering Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment since 1873.  Keeping things cool this summer, Coors Light comes with an ice cold guarantee. Every bottle and can of Coors Light contains Thermochromic icon technology – a specially developed icon that turns blue to indicate that the Coors Light is ice cold and ready to drink.  This technology ensures every bottle of Coors Light delivers Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment every time.

(Coors Light is available in 330ml bottles (six pack/ 10 pack/ 20 pack) and 500ml cans (four pack/ eight pack).

Keep up to date with all things Coors Light at 

*(Source: Nielsen data March 2012).

Heineken accounts for 15.8% of off-trade lager sales

Heineken accounts for 15.8% of off-trade lager sales

Jam-packed marketing and sponsorships calendar

The perfect accompaniment to a warm summer’s day and enjoyed around the world since 1873, Heineken continues to grow as the beer of choice at home with 15.8% of off-trade lager sales (Source: Nielsen March 2012).  Throughout the summer, Heineken makes it easy to cater for every occasion with offerings including six pack, 12 pack and 20 pack bottle as well as four pack, eight pack and 12 pack can.

Heineken Music is synonymous with great gigs and musical experiences. Heineken is offering a Heineken Music on-pack promotion in July, Heineken Live Access, which gives festival fans the chance to win one of three VIP experiences at three of the world’s best music festivals; Sensation in Thailand, Sandance in Dubai and the St. Maarten Regatta in the Caribbean. This activation will be supported by innovative in-store POS and ATL support.

What’s more, with thrilling finals in both the Heineken Cup and UEFA Champions League on Star Saturday on 19 May, Heineken remains at the heart of worldwide sporting events this summer and the perfect accompaniment for at-home match parties, barbecues and summer gatherings of every shape and size.

Heineken’s busy marketing calendar and prolific sponsorships portfolio across sport and music continues to resonate and connect with Irish lager lovers throughout the summer.

For more information, visit

Crisp refreshment for the BBQ season

Tiger Beer has won over 30 international gold medals and awards

Tiger Beer has won over 30 international gold medals and awards

Ireland’s most popular Asian beer goes from strength to strength in the off-trade.

With a strong lager volume growth in the off trade, perennial summer favourites like Tiger Beer are set to feature firmly on the shopping list in the off-trade again this season. 

This summer will see increased visibility from the super-premium Asian brand as Tiger’s distribution continues to grow, supported by a programme of sampling and promotional activity including Tiger giveaways in select off-trade accounts this August.

Originating in Singapore, Tiger is famed for its crisp refreshing qualities, with a hint of tropical fruit making it the perfect premium beer for balmy summer evenings and a natural choice for the BBQ and summer party season. 

Brewed in Singapore since 1932, Tiger Beer is the world’s most successful pan-Asian beer. Available in 75 countries around the world, Tiger has won over 30 international gold medals and awards including the 2004 Gold Award of the Association of Brewers World Beer Cup. A strict brewing process that takes over 500 hours ensures Tiger delivers perfect quality, every time. The finest malt, hops and yeast, taste-testing over 10 samples of water every day and over 200 quality checks all contribute to the masterful creation of this fine tasting premium beer. 

With an ABV of 4.8% Tiger is a full bodied beer, malty in character yet with a clean crisp finish that makes Tiger Ireland’s most popular Asian beer choice.

 Tiger is available in 500ml and 330ml bottles (four x 330ml/ six x 330ml/ 12 x 330ml) Keep up to date with all things Tiger at


Taste the magic

Available from Comans, the Druids brand was established in 1998. It has now become the second biggest selling cider in Ireland, with market share increasing well from last year. Druids Cider is a very popular choice across all sectors and with cider now being a drink for all seasons, this growth is forecasted to continue. 

Druids Cider is now recognised as being of very high quality with an A.B.V. of 6%, packed with 100% apple and full of taste. There is no doubt that your sales will continue to rise ahead of the market with Druids Cider so stock up well for the summer.

Druids is available in 500ml single cans, four pack and eight pack.

Dew not miss out

Rosie’s Dew offers strong value, retailing at EUR*1.25 a can or EUR*1 on promotion

Rosie’s Dew offers strong value, retailing at €1.25 a can or €1 on promotion

Launched in February 2011, Rosie’s Dew is proving to be the hottest new cider on the market, especially with the ladies, according to its distributor, Comans. Rosie’s Dew is now one of the best value cider brands on the market at €1.25 a can or on promotion at €1 a can resulting in consumer demand increasing week on week for Rosie’s Dew. Comans launched a 2 litre bottle in this brand late last year and has experienced strong success with this variant retailing at the fantastic price of €4.49 per 2 litre bottle.

With an ABV of 5.5% Rosie’s Dew is ideal for any occasion.

Golden sales

 Dutch Gold is one of the most illustrious beers on the Irish off-trade market, according to 


distributor Comans. This summer to coincide with the Euros, the Dutch Gold special offer four pack for EUR*4 will be back for a limited period so stock up now before it runs out.  Dutch Gold will also have its tent promotion available for summer festivals. One tent is allocated per store. Contact your Comans sales representative for further details.

Dutch Gold is available in 500ml cans, six pack, eight pack and 12 pack.

A premium Polish choice


Karpackie has experienced strong growth since its launch in 2007. Karpackie originates from Poland and is the biggest selling Polish beer in the Irish market due to the high standard that it is produced to. As the Euros are taking place in Poland this year Comans anticipates a strong interest in this brand and special offers include the four pack being on offer at €5 and the eight pack being on offer at €8.99.

Karpackie is available in 500ml cans, four pack and eight pack.


A pleasing portfolio

Barry & Fitzwilliam offers strongly performing beers this summer. Corona Extra has grown dramatically in both the on and the off-trade over the last few years and the trend already this year is for more of the same.  Corona is currently backed by an intensive radio, and poster campaign. Corona will sponsor the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival for the fourth time this summer.

Corona Light has been an instant hit with the calorie conscious consumer since its launch in February. In Weight Watchers parlance it only has three pro points by comparison to four pro points for most other light beers and ciders.

Ginger Joe is a new 33cl alcoholic ginger beer with an ABV of 4%. It is produced by Stones which is famous for its Ginger Wine. This will be heavily advertised on satellite TV over the coming month.

Global beer brands have seen an increase in interest. Barry & Fitzwilliam has taken on a range of world beers including the Wells & Young portfolio, the most popular of which are Banana Bread Beer, Waggle Dance and Bombardier and Coopers from Australia which has gained a very loyal following in the last few years.

The world’s best-selling rum



Bacardi Limited, the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world produces and markets internationally-recognised spirits and wines. Its brand portfolio comprises more than 200 brands and labels, including Bacardi rum, the world’s best-selling and most-awarded rum.

Bacardí Oakheart was launched in 2011 to stellar reviews from consumers.  The arrival of Bacardí Oakheart in the Irish market gives Bacardí strong brand presence across all rum segments and reaffirms its market leadership position.  Bacardí Oakheart is a tribute to modern day adventurers and represents their true essence – fierce loyalty, stout-heart and unwavering resolve.  


These timeless qualities are reflected in the bold taste of Bacardí Oakheart – a smooth, spiced spirit drink of premium rum with a hint of smokiness and a unique velvet-like smoothness. Using rum taken from the heart of charred American white oak barrels, this expertly blended premium spirit drink contains specially selected flavours and spices which will appeal to the more adventurous consumers.

“We launched Bacardí Oakheart to capitalize on the emerging popularity of spiced rums and rum-based drinks and as such delivered a product true to the core credentials of a brand that created modern rum in 1862,” said Tiernan O’Morain, market development manager, Bacardí.   “Bacardí Oakheart was created to bring together a new generation of consumers – a generation that lives for adventure, freedom and spontaneity. Coming from more than a century of Bacardí tradition and rum knowhow, Bacardí Oakheart represents a major development in the rum category. 

Bacardí Oakheart (70 proof/35 % ABV) begins with rums mellowed in charred American white oak barrels and which is then blended together to create the perfect base. Choice flavours and spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla are added to this blend and the liquid is filtered. The end result is a bold, spiced spirit drink of premium rum straight from the heart of charred oak barrels with an amber hue, a hint of smokiness and unique velvet-like smoothness. Rich and oaky on the nose, with aromas of smoke and dried fruit, Bacardí Oakheart possesses robust flavor with a hint of maple and honey, followed by vanilla and caramel.  Slightly sweet and peppery, with a noticeable kick, Bacardí Oakheart tastes great straight or combined with cola and served over ice in a chilled stein or highball glass. 

Bacardí Oakheart was developed in close collaboration with thousands of consumers and hundreds of bartenders.  Since launching over 12 months ago, the name Bacardí Oakheart has become synonymous with premium spiced rum. 

If you like Pina Colada…


The Bacardí Classic Cocktails Pina Colada provides consumers with the ultimate home entertaning solution, giving them the enjoyment of a real legendary cocktail taste in a convenient ready-to-serve package.  Thanks to the Bacardí Classic Cocktails Pina Colada, anyone can host a fantastic party or get together at home as this pre-mixed cocktail will impress guests without the hassle of preparation and leave the host stress-free and focused on getting the party started. An iconic cocktail, the Pina Colada has for centuries represented celebration and is the perfect partner for any party. 

Building on the success of the Bacardí Classic Cocktails Mojito the hand-shaken Pina Colada will continue to further the popularity of the easy pour-and-serve design. The Bacardí classic cocktail Pina Colada is made with Bacardí Superior Rum, the original, mixable light-bodied clear rum that, for more than 100 years, has been used to craft unique drink recipes that have become world favourites. 

The Bacardí classic cocktail Pina Colada package features a unique translucent bottle and a sophisticated design that emphasizes the premium qualities of these classics.  The 14.9% alcohol-by-volume ready-to-drink cocktail is available in a 700-ml size at a RRP of €13.99

Cocktails in a bottle

Bacardí Originals has launched two new Original Cocktails in a bottle, the Mojito and Cuba Libre

In 2011 Edward Dillon introduced a new range of ready to serve authentic cocktail drinks allowing outlets who could not offer a credible cocktail service to serve premium cocktails to their customers with little fuss.


Bacardí Originals launched two new Original Cocktails in a bottle, the Mojito and Cuba Libre. These were successfully rolled out to key bars across Ireland during last summer and were similarly launched in the off-trade towards the end of 2011.  Bacardi Originals are sophisticated authentic cocktails that deliver easy to drink replications of perfect serve Bacardi drinks in a convenient multi serve format in order to maximize value of our Bacardi consumers.  Available in 275ml bottle serves  with RRSP of €2.69 Bacardí Originals offers consumers a refreshing alternative from a beer or glass of wine, Bacardí Originals are created using the finest Bacardi rum.  ABV is 5% for Cuba Libre and 5.4% for Mojito. Both drinks are inspired by Bacardi’s legacy cocktails and as such make them more accessible than ever to consumers. 

An impressive range of premium spirits

Jagermeister generates high sales in the shooter market

Jagermeister generates high sales in the shooter market

The Barry & Fitzwilliam vehicle distributes a wide range of premium spirits.  They include Teachers Scotch, Courvoisier Cognac, Rémy Martin Cognac, The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky, Jim Beam Bourbon, Vladivar Vodka, Boru Vodka and Whyte and Mackay Scotch. 

Beam which recently acquired the Cooley brands has appointed Barry & Fitzwilliam as the exclusive distributor of The Cooley range of whiskey which includes: Kilbeggan, Connemara and Tyrconnell. 

Cointreau offers a cool experience on ice with a warm afterglow, surrounded by the exotic scent of oranges while maintaining its elegant French heritage; it’s the perfect partner for cocktails. 

Bols Distilleries is one of the largest and oldest producers of fine spirits and liqueurs in the world, some dating back to the year 1575.  Many of the unique flavours of Bols liqueurs are made with fruit juices, thereby creating the ideal platform for some of the best cocktails around.  The selection of flavours available from Bols is vast and includes Bols Blue, Grenadine, Advocaat, Crème de Cacao, Cherry Brandy and many more.  Among the classics, Bols Triple Sec Curacao is essential in a Cosmopolitan and Bols Crème de Cacao (brown) in a Brandy Alexander.  More Bols cocktail recepies are available on  A new addition to the range that is doing very well is Bols Natural Yogurt.

Sourz continues to be a great success. It has a unique, dual sweet and sour flavour that is both refreshing and tangy.  Sourz apple is a low-strength (15%) shooter brand that is taking the clubs and style bars by storm.  

Disaronno offers a distinctive square glass decanter and smooth almond flavour

Disaronno offers a distinctive square glass decanter and smooth almond flavour

A new addition to the range is Souz Raspberry which is well supported on satellite TV. 

Jagermeister, the famous German schnapps, is a huge seller in the shooter market, particularly among trend setters and is growing internationally.  It is a half-bitter German schnapps with a unique blend of 56 herbs and spices is ideal served chilled. Sales are up again this year which is on excellent performance. 

Tia Maria is a hugely popular coffee liqueur worldwide, particularly in its mixability in cocktails, with coffee or in desserts, or mixed with milk and ice as a luxurious long drink.  It will be heavily backed by a TV and press campaign again this summer. 

Disaronno is described as a ‘cool’ brand.  With its distinctive square glass decanter and smooth almond flavour, it has a secret recipe which is said to include the pure essence of 17 selected herbs and fruits with an infusion of apricot kernel oil.  It is a very “hot brand” internationally and Barry & Fitzwilliam is hoping to emulate that here. This is another brand which will be supported by a satellite TV campaign. 

Wine sensations

The Michel Lynch range has proved a valuable addition to Barry & Fitzwilliam’s French wines offering

The Michel Lynch range has proved a valuable addition to Barry & Fitzwilliam’s French wines offering

The Michel Lynch range has proved a valuable addition to Barry & Fitzwilliam’s French wines offering

Michael Barry of Barry & Fitzwilliam claims that they now have probably the most successful prestigious French wines on the market when you take account of the success of Michel Lynch and Guigals wine from the Cote du Rhone.  

The Gabriel Meffre range which includes La Chasse du Pape adds to the group’s armoury of French wine and will be heavily promoted this year. 

Faiveley Burgundy Wines, Jolivet Loire Wines and Preiss-Zimmer Alsace wines complete what the distributor believes is now an outstanding portfolio of French Wine. 

From Australia, Barry & Fitzwilliam offers the McGuigan range of wines which continues to out perform the market and is now the number one Australian brand in the multiples. The distributor also offers wines from The Hardy Wine Company where the great Thomas Hardy legacy lives on. The Hardy’s Bin Range will be used as a promotional price offering. 

From California, Barry & Fitzwilliam distributes the Paul Masson range which is one of the great success stories from California in the last number of years. The company also distributes high quality Robert Mondavi Winery varietals. Within this, the Woodbridge range will be promoted aggressively during the summer. 

From New Zealand, Barry & Fitzwilliam offers the Villa Maria and Nobilo ranges. The company is expecting a big uplift in the sales of New Zealand wine because of the publicity from the Rugby World Cup. 

Hailing from Chile, Barry & Fitzwilliam offers Mont Gras, a former “Chilean Producer of the Year”, which continues to grow strongly.  The Soleus range of Organic Wine produced by Mont Gras is also going from strength to strength.

Within the company’s Spanish portfolio, Beronia Rioja wines from Gonzalez Byass and Raimat from Penedes are two exceptional ranges which have developed a cult following here and the Altozano range of varietal continues to make steady headway. 

The Santa Julia/Zuccardi ranges from Argentina are part of the company’s portfolio also, producing excellent wines at all ends of the spectrum. 

A little sparkle 

Barry & Fitzwilliam has three champagnes to bring to the party.  Starting with Pol Roger which has a “to die for” rosé.

Charles Heidsieck is carefully blended and cellared and gives a general impression of a vivacious, well-balanced wine.  Champagne and cocktails are never far apart.  Charles and Piper Heidsieck both partner well with a dash of Cointreau or Kirsch for a change.

Charles Heidsieck is the premium champagne from the Heidsieck house.  The company also produces the fashionable and contemporary Piper Heidsieck Grande Marque Champagne.  Both Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck have won numerous awards both here and abroad.

Codorniu, which has a range of styles for every pocket continues to perform very well in the sparkling category and will be heavily promoted for the party season.

Barry & Fitzwilliam has a very strong line up in the fortified wine sector, including Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, Croft Original Sherry, Tio Pepe Sherry, Cockburns and Taylor’s Port.  

 “We have an excellent portfolio of wines, spirits and beer.  A range to satisfy all price points and we are expecting a very busy summer season,” concludes Michael Barry, MD of Barry & Fitzwilliam. 

Wines to suit all tastes and budgets 

Santa Rita Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, is a delicious accompaniment to sizzling BBQs

Santa Rita Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, is a delicious accompaniment to sizzling BBQs

This summer, Gleeson incorporating Gilbeys, has a wide range of outstanding wines available, suitable for all of your customer entertaining needs over the summer months. With top names from the wine world amongst their portfolio including Santa Rita, [yellow tail], Faustino, Laurent Perrier and Blossom Hill to name just a few, these wines are sure to be on your customers wish list. 

If you’re looking for the perfect wine to add to your portfolio this summer, then wines from Spanish brand Faustino are the ideal choice. Having recently just unveiled a brand new label for its award winning Faustino VII Rioja red and white wines, these new look bottles make Faustino a standout brand on shelves. Currently celebrating 150 of producing top class wine, Faustino VII Rioja red wine and Faustino VII Rioja white wine are a refreshing must have for summer. 

Everyone loves a touch of sparkle and summer is a time for outdoor celebrations. [yellow tail] Bubbles is a sparkling wine from Australia with a twist. This is a wine that offers wonderful flavour, fizzy texture and a hint of sweetness to make drinking more enjoyable. With vibrant tropical fruits, a dash of lime juice and a hint of fresh cut flowers, it’s the kind of sparkling wine that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. It’s fresh, spritzy and crackling with vitality; perfect for al fresco dining. 

Santa Rita is the leading Chilean wine in Ireland. Whilst Santa Rita 120 is the most widely known brand within the stable, Santa Rita also has a great range of Reserva wines in their portfolio. These wines have the complexity, concentration, elegance, and balance that provide a well-rounded, long-lasting expression of the regions in Chile that they are produced from and reflect the characteristic aromas and taste profile of each varietal. One of their most popular varietals, Santa Rita Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, is a delicious accompaniment to sizzling BBQs. It’s a crisp white wine which is perfect for sharing with friends. 

Gleeson incorporating Gilbeys has got summer celebrations covered with wines to suit all tastes and budgets.


Sweeten your sales

Sweeten your sales this summer with Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato, the latest addition to the E & J Gallo Winery portfolio. Bursting with flavours, this sweet, refreshing white wine has an ABV of 8.5%, supporting the growing consumer trend for lower alcohol wines.

Having taken the US by storm, the launch of Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato will be supported with a comprehensive marketing campaign, encompassing trade and consumer press, sampling, on-pack promotions, online brand engagement initiatives and a strategic programme of trade advertising, led by the ‘Sweeten your Sales’ strap line. Working in close partnership, E&J Gallo Winery and 10 International Ireland have exciting plans for the Gallo brand this summer, including Gallo Family Vineyards Summer Red and White Grenache.

The first of its kind in Ireland, served chilled; Gallo Family Vineyards Summer Red has joined the other award winning varietals including Gallo Family Vineyards White Grenache. A medium to sweet rosé wine with flavours of strawberries and watermelon and a 9.5% ABV, Gallo Family Vineyards White Grenache is currently available in all SuperValu, Dunnes Stores, Superquinn, Centra, Spar, and Mace stores nationwide.

In addition to this, the brand will continue to drive activity with the Barefoot portfolio, which includes Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel and Merlot through the summer months, including an up weighted sponsorship deal with popular music festival Sea Session in Bundoran from 29 June – 1 July, and a presence at this year’s Taste of Dublin Festival from 14 – 17 June.

More than just a Champagne, 36 years of inspiration!

Created in 1976, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has always stood out from the crowd. It is a brand that is free to dare, re-invent and innovate, and that knows instinctively how to break free from traditional Champagne convention.  It’s a champagne which is accessible and straight forward, providing excellent value for money.

Behind the champagne brand was Nicolas Feuillatte, a devoted lover of champagne. He was seeking a Champagne that was different and he wanted to create an elegant cuvée, which he would be proud to serve to his friends, among them Jackie Onassis, Shirley Mac Laine, Sophia Loren and Lauren Bacall. 

Today Nicolas Feuillatte is owned by The Centre Vinicole, the largest co-operative in Champagne. Its success is largely due to the quality of the supply from the 5,000 growers which are members of the co-operative.   As a result, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has at its disposal an unrivalled source of supply which reflects the diversity of the Champagne appellation. This includes wines from 11 out of 17 Grand Cru vineyards and 32 out of 40 Premier Cru vineyards.

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte is now sold in over 76 countries. It is the third largest champagne in the world, and the number one in France.  Not bad for the first 36 years!

Nicolas Feuillatte has been recently reintroduced into Ireland by Premier Beverage Brands. The Nicolas Feuillatte Range includes Brut Non Vintage (RSP EUR*32.99), Rose Non Vintage (EUR*37.50), and Vintage – a straight Chardonnay (EUR*39.99).  If you would like to find out more about Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, contact Premier Beverage Brands on 01 634 5348.



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