Smirnoff grows global sales 4.5% – Impact

Smirnoff – top of the premium spirits table globally, says Impact.
Smirnoff – top of the premium spirits table globally, says Impact.

Smirnoff continued growing global sales last year by 4.5% to reach 26.3 million cases, putting it top of the premium spirits league according to Impact’s latest Top 100 Premium Spirits Brands report.



17 May 2013

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Jameson also increased sales – by a third of a million cases last year – putting it in 19th place in the Top 100. This represents growth of 8% on the 2011 figure of 3.8 million cases which itself was up 18.6% on 2010’s 3.2 million case figure. In the US sales of Jameson rose 20%.

However sales of Baileys, in ninth position, dropped 3% in 2012 to an estimated 6.5 million cases, down from 2011’s 6.7 million case figure.

Hennessy Cognac grew sales by 5.5% from 4.9 million cases in 2011 to 5.1 million cases, putting it in 13th position.
Elsewhere, Finlandia sales grew 4.1% to 3.2 million cases (31st place) while rival Eristoff’s sales fell back 7.5% to 2.2 million cases (49th).

Sales of Bols liqueurs grew 2.1% in 2012 to 1.5 million cases, putting the liqueur range in 76th position.
But premium spirits such as Smirnoff sold a mere half of the top-selling spirit overall, Jinro, which shifted nearly 52 million cases in 2012.

Thus Smirnoff was the fifth-largest selling spirit overall in Impact’s table of premium & non-premium spirits.
In this table Baileys came 36th and Jameson 52nd.



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