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Debut novel from Wexford author Victoria Kinsella an ideal choice for customers looking to enjoy a mental getaway this year



20 May 2021 | 0

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With Ireland looking set to be the hot (in relative terms!) holiday destination spot for summer 2021 staycations, Wexford author Victoria Kinsella has written the perfect, lively must-read for those of your customers keen to enjoy a mental getaway. Her debut novel out now, Poolside Gossip, is set in the sun-kissed Canaries.

An accountant by trade, Victoria’s first book was written over the course of a year after leaving corporate life feeling burnt out and fed up from endless travel and stressful meetings.

It was written for herself,  never expecting it to be seen by anybody else.

A lifelong reader of what she refers to as “escape fiction”, Victoria lives in a dream location by the beach in Ballymoney, Wexford close to her parents, sisters and an endless stream of cousins which makes life so special in the sunny south east.

Like all middle children, Victoria (never Vicky) tells us she has spent most of her family life either sorting out the drama between others or being overlooked and never getting enough chips from the end of the bag.

The story…

The plot is inspired by musings about what could potentially come out, were we to sit and listen to the various conversations taking place around a sunny hotel pool. The hotel in question being El Castille, a boutique resort where the walls hold many secrets.

Sheila has a secret that has been years in the making. It has been growing like a weed for 30 years. The agony started as a green shoot that is now strangling her sleep, but is this the time and place to finally open Pandora’s Box?

Ellen, Karen, Leyla and Denise are four best friends, and each has a host of talents. But who called off their wedding, and why? And can the others support her and the decisions she makes?

Then there’s Veronica, who pops pills to cope with being married to a monster. How did she get herself to this place, and will she have the courage and strength to end the relationship?

Can poolside gossip at El Castille ultimately forge friendships and cement love that can conquer all these dramas?

Poolside Gossip is currently stocked by Eason’s Gorey, Enniscorthy and Wexford and available directly from where an audio introduction of the book can be heard.

If your store would be interested in stocking Poolside Gossip or perhaps you just want to give it a read yourself, head to for more information.






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