SHS Sales and Marketing launches Australia’s all-natural sugar-free drink Nexba into Ireland

Australia’s number one all natural sugar-free drinks brand, Nexba, provides a healthy alternatives to sugar-filled soft drinks


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30 August 2022 | 0

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Leading Australian soft drinks brand, Nexba, has appointed SHS Sales and Marketing Ireland to look after the sales and distribution of its Kombucha portfolio in Ireland.

SHS Ireland will launch Australia’s number one all natural sugar-free drinks brand, Nexba, providing healthy alternatives to sugar-filled soft drinks.

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage which contains healthy components such as B vitamins, organic acids, live cultures and antioxidants. Nexba’s new range of Kombucha proves that gut health and great taste can go hand in hand and aligns with the company’s ongoing health agenda.

Available in three flavours – Strawberry & Peach, Mango and Mixed Berry – the soft drink is full of live culture probiotics and is made using the globally patented ‘Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend’, which allows each drink to be completely sugar-free and contains nothing artificial, yet retains its bold, and fruity flavours.

Nexba’s Kombucha range contains zero alcohol and is without the strong vinegar taste commonly found in other Kombucha products on the market, setting this to be a consumer favourite. The range is part of the company’s ongoing agenda to tackle diabetes and obesity and improve gut health in Ireland. So far Nexba has taken over 5 billion grams of sugar out of global diets.

Matthew Connole, sales lead EU, Nexba Beverage Co. said the appointment would provide a strategic platform to launch the new range.

“The launch marks an exciting and important milestone as the company grows its international brand presence,” Connole said. “We will be working closely with SHS Sales and Marketing to maximise current opportunities and identify areas for growth, boosting Ireland’s naturally sugar-free soft drinks category as we seek to realise the full potential of the Kombucha portfolio.

“The release of a range of revolutionary Kombucha drinks to the UK and Ireland cements the brand’s position as thought leaders and innovators in the naturally sugar-free soft drinks industry.”

“The naturally sugar-free soft drinks category is one of Ireland’s most dynamic FMCG markets. The desire to stay healthy during the pandemic has accelerated the demand for such products, as health and wellbeing become a priority for consumers,” added Alan Neill, commercial director, SHS Sales and Marketing.

“This product is unique. It presents a very different offering from other products currently available within the category and we are delighted to be working with Nexba Beverage Co. to ensure a successful brand launch in Ireland. The focus will be on building brand awareness which in turn will generate category growth.”

Nexba will be available in SuperValu, Centra, Spar and independents in 330ml cans and 1L Pet bottle formats.

For further information contact SHS Sales and Marketing by telephone: 01 401 6200 or email:



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