Shoppers will remain careful

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Pictured: Ronald Kers of Valeo Foods Group (Photo by Dave Warren/Picture Team)

New research by IGD shows consumers will continue to watch their spending



15 November 2009

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According to new consumer research published last month by grocery analyst IGD, more than half (54%) of shoppers say they will be more careful about spending money in the future than they are currently, regardless of economic recovery.

While only 5% of those polled said they would spend their money more freely, 39% said they do not think they will change their shopping behaviour from present cautious habits. When asked to project about 2012, beyond the recession, almost a third of consumers said they shop more at discounters, while 5% said they shop with them less.

Just over a quarter of those surveyed said they intended to shop more at farmers markets and 22% said they would shop more online. Only 16% of consumers said they aimed to shop more at ‘neighbourhood stores’ and 17% said they actually plan to visit ‘premium stores’ less often.



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