Shoppers cross border for cheap alcohol

Minimum unit pricing encouraging shoppers to head north of the border for alcohol bargains, media reports highlight



25 January 2022 | 0

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Following the introduction of minimum unit pricing on 4 January within the Republic of Ireland, a number of media outlets have – in a consequence predicted by many within our industry – reported on shoppers heading north to secure bargains with their alcohol purchases.

The following links all provide a number of examples and shoppers’ reactions to the move:

‘It’s a no-brainer’: Shoppers cross Border to buy cheaper alcohol (

How much will you really save when buying booze across the border? (

‘I went across the border to stock up on cheap drink – and the bargains say it all’ – Irish Mirror Online

Border off-licences hoping to cash in on Irish minimum pricing – BBC News

Minimum unit pricing was also the lead cover story within the latest print edition of ShelfLife.

For this article (page 6) and all the latest news and analysis from the January 2022 edition – now also available digitally  – click HERE.



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