ShelfLife Grocery Management Awards: what does it mean to win?

Ray Kinsella of M&S Cork says the win boosted morale and helped him grow as a leader
Ray Kinsella of M&S Cork says the win boosted morale and helped him grow as a leader

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12 March 2019 | 0

2018 Grocery Retail Manager of the Year was won by Ray Kinsella of M&S Cork. This week, Ray spoke to ShelfLife about the difference the award has made to him personally and the team around him, who he consistently credits with helping him reach his goals….

“Winning the award meant so much to me and my team,” Kinsella says. “This award really comes from the huge team effort in Marks and Spencer Ireland and of course my own store team. Retail is not a solo run, it truly is everybody working together.

The way it was received by the team shows how much it meant to all of us as a team. I am so proud to have worked with Marks and Spencer for over 30 years; as a business we strive to do the best for our customers in stores, online and in the community.

“That is what won the award,” he adds.

One of the major effects the award had on Ray and his team was of enhanced morale. While they always strive to go the extra mile at Marks & Spencer in Cork city, this award proved that they were certainly achieving their goals.

“It definitely made a difference to morale. There is nothing like a boost of confidence like this,” he says. “To win something on a national scale really goes down well, particularly in Cork, whether it be sport or business. It confirms that others see you and your team doing a good job from outside your normal environment.”

So have his career ambitions changed in the aftermath of his win?

“Not really,” says Ray “but it has given me a lot of confidence to keep my style of management consistent and I always look for new challenges as retail is changing at pace. I need to keep adapting. This has given me confidence in a lot of what my team and I do.”

On the subject of entering the awards again, Ray says he would definitely get involved again and would encourage others to do so too. “It was a great occasion and a challenging interview process”.

If you believe that you are a worthy national retail manager title holder in any area of the business you work and would like to emulate Ray’s success, then it’s time to enter the ShelfLife Grocery Management Awards today. Log on to and you could be on your way to national success.



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