Salt reduction target won’t be met

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FSAI says that more effort will be required from the food industry to meet the 6g per day in-take target


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9 October 2008

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salt reduction needs further effortThe Food Safety Authority has announced that the Irish food industry will not meet the 2010 national salt reduction target. The FSAI and participating companies have committed to reducing daily intake of salt to just 6g, or one teaspoon, down from an average of 10g per day.

The organisation has said that consumers need to become more “salt aware” and reduce the amount they add to their food. It said that people should also look for low-salt options when shopping, which in turn will “influence the food industry to reduce the amount of salt used in their products.”

According to the FSAI, the industry has already a achieved an estimated 7% reduction in salt intake, which it describes as “an excellent result so far.” However, it says increased effort is needed going forward. Of the 72 companies participating in the programme, 62 filed a progress update at the end of August.

Participants comprise many suppliers, including Carroll Cuisine, Cuisine de France, Irish bakers Brennans, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien, and Irish Pride, Heinz, Glanbia, and Kerry Foods, as well as all of the country’s major retailers. German discounters Aldi and Lidl declined to get involved in the initiative when approached directly by the FSAI.

This year there were three new entrants in the programme, while five companies indicated “a cessation of involvement”, either in writing or through failure to correspondence with the FSAI for two consecutive years.



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