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Anita O’Connell, administrator of the RTC programme
Anita O’Connell, administrator of the RTC programme

Designed and delivered by NOffLA's Anita O'Connell, the Responsible Trading in the Community (RTC) online programme delivers thorough training for retailers



12 March 2012

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A recent initiative within NOffLA’s Responsible Trading policy has been the development of an online version of the Responsible Trading in the Community training programme.

The online course, designed and delivered by NOffLA’s Anita O’Connell, provides user-friendly, computer-based training directly to alcohol retailers and their staff. Under this new form of delivery, specialist alcohol retailers have access to a dedicated e-learning facility which can lead to qualification for a ‘Responsible Trading Certificate’. 

Course objectives

The online course provides an accessible opportunity to meet the RTC course objectives. It provides participants with the opportunity to receive up-to-date information on legislation and an appreciation of the impact of the laws on the workplace. In addition the course incorporates the skills needed to help staff deal with difficult situations that could potentially put their job and/or livelihood at risk.
By the end of the programme participants are able to:
• Apply the knowledge surrounding relevant legislation to the workplace
• Understand enforcement procedures and penalties
• Distinguish between legitimate and unlawful customers
• Identify when and how to refuse a sale
• Recognise and list acceptable forms of identification
• Brief staff on key “responsible trading” issues and industry best practice
Participants are invited to take part in discussions, learn from the experience of others and to participate in the interactive exercises on the day.

Why train?

• Understand and ensure compliance with legislation
• Maintain a healthy licence and reduce risk of conviction
• Play your part to curb alcohol misuse
• Identify when and how to refuse a sale appropriately
• Learn how to effectively train fellow staff
• Training records are a key part of a statutory defence
• Investment in training is much cheaper than the cost of fines!

Further information:

This is the first online facility of its type in Europe and further information can be had by emailing rtc@ireland.com.


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