RGDATA calls for ‘discreet mark’ on cigarette packs to minimize stocking issues for retailers

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Government excise on cigarettes has been raised by 50c as part of Budget 2020

Retail group says it doesn't challenge the public health policy objectives of the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Bill 2013 but wants practical measures to avoid confusion introduced



20 January 2014

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RGDATA, the representative body for the independent retail grocery sector in Ireland, has called for the inclusion of a discreet mark on the proposed plain packaged tobacco products to help retailers distinguish between brands. This is one of the practical measures included in an RGDATA submission on the proposed Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Bill 2013.

In its submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children (15 January), RGDATA said it did not challenge the public health policy objectives of the bill but wanted to ensure that it did not have an unforeseen impact on legitimate retailers who are licensed to sell tobacco products. A major concern of legitimate tobacco retailers is that packs that essentially look the same may be incorrectly stocked in gantries leading to consumers purchasing a brand of tobacco that they did not choose.

The RGDATA submission also calls for a reduction in the amount of duty-free cigarettes that a person is permitted to bring into Ireland and a commitment from Government to introduce practical measures to tackle illegal and counterfeit tobacco sales in advance of the introduction of plain packaging.

The RGDATA submission is available at www.rgdata.ie.



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