Retailers frustrated over National Lottery terminal failures once again

RGDATA director general Tara Buckley
RGDATA director general Tara Buckley

Retailers have said that the glitches in the new system seem to coincide with large Euromillions or National Lottery jackpots



15 June 2015

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National Lottery agents, who are members of RGDATA the representative association for the owners of almost 4,000 local shops, are experiencing further problems with the lotto terminals in shops over recent days.

“This is extremely frustrating as this is a busy day for Lotto agents with the Euromillions draw heading for €130m,” said Tara Buckley, RGDATA director general.

Retailers are very annoyed that the problems with the system have still not been sorted seven months after the changeover.

“Shop owners are also annoyed with the National Lottery helpline service. We have complaints from members that their calls are not being answered. One retailer has tried to make contact seven times this afternoon with no response. This is a very poor service for the retail agents who are left explaining to customers that the situation is out of their control,” said Buckley.

“It is a disgrace that customers have to be turned away because of these ongoing lottery technology glitches in shops.  What is equally frustrating is that the glitches always seem to coincide with large Euromillions or National Lottery jackpots,” said Buckley.

RGDATA is seeking assurances from the National Lottery Regulator that they are addressing this issue as a matter of urgency.





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