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Rachel Rowan, Online Trainee of the Year receives her award from Gary Mahon of Enovation Solutions
Rachel Rowan, Online Trainee of the Year receives her award from Gary Mahon of Enovation Solutions

Rachel Rowan of Mulhall’s Londis, Portlaoise, who undertook the RTC online module, has been awarded ‘Online Trainee of the Year’ by Enovation Solutions Ltd



14 March 2012

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The recent 2012 Off-Licence of the Year Awards saw the addition of two prestigious awards to its presentations to recognise the successful launch of the online module of the Responsible Trading Certificate (RTC) programme. O’Brien’s Carry Out Off-Licence in Mulhuddart, Co Dublin, scooped the award for ‘Responsible Retailer of the Year’, having fully trained all its staff members and fulfilled the strict criteria of an ‘RTC Accredited’ outlet. Rachel Rowan of Mulhall’s Londis, Portlaoise, was awarded ‘Online Trainee of the Year’ by Enovation Solutions Ltd (e-learning specialists who provide support for the RTC online training module).

The Online Trainee of the Year Award is based on the individual’s performance on four criteria. The candidate must have:
• achieved a score of 100% in the RTC exam;
• completed core activities in the course modules;
• made valuable contributions to the discussion forums;
• made valuable observations in the role plays
Rachel has worked in Mulhall’s for over eight years and is now in charge of the off-licence within the supermarket. She completed the RTC online course in October 2011 in which she achieved a perfect score. A key function of the course is that the knowledge is provided in a manner that allows the participant to relate the material to their role on the shop floor. One of the reasons that Rachel won the award was that, having successfully completed the course with flying colours, Rachel then followed up by contacting the course administrator to help in implementing what she had learned.
It is the implementation of responsible trading practices that is at the heart of the RTC programme. The vast majority of well-meaning independent retailers have no interest in any short-term gain by making questionable sales. However, as Rachel discovered, RTC training provided her with a focused awareness of how responsible trading is provided on the shop floor: “I was able to implement different responsible practices, including a refusals log and posters. I was also able to train other staff in the shop about responsible trading.”
Rachel’s enthusiasm for the experience has not diminished in the six months since completing the programme. “I thought it was brilliant,” she said. “The system was easy to use and would be suitable for any age group. There were lots of step-by-step guides. The other advantage is that it is suitable to do anytime. I did it after work in the evenings.”
While the RTC course was of great importance to Rachel, it is not to suggest that, after eight years in the business, she didn’t know the law: “A lot of people might know the laws already, but the course lets you see how it works in reality so that you’re able to tackle different things that arise. It is also very useful to hear the experience of other people doing the course.”
The RTC programme has been available for NOffLA members for many years. The online programme has revolutionised the availability of the training, but does this method have any drawbacks? Rachel has no doubts: “It was brilliant that it was online. That is the way forward. For a start, I didn’t need to take any time off to do the course or travel anywhere to do it.” Some would-be participants might be concerned at being isolated if you take the training online, but Rachel’s experience put paid to any thoughts of that: “I was able to contact Anita at any time using the chat function. You are still able to get in touch as if you were in class.”
For Rachel, having already implemented her new awareness and knowledge, she has also found herself with a new attitude to her responsible trading policies: “I’m a bit more observant about things. I’m watching out for things a lot more.” 


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