Responsible Retailer of the Year Award

Kevin O’Brien, Responsible Retailer of the Year receives his award from Anita O’Connell, NOffLA
Kevin O’Brien, Responsible Retailer of the Year receives his award from Anita O’Connell, NOffLA

By demonstrating his commitment to the RTC programme, Kevin O'Brien of O’Brien’s Carry Out Off-Licence, Mulhuddart, has scooped a prestigious award



14 March 2012

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Kevin O’Brien, representing O’Brien’s Carry Out Off-Licence in Mulhuddart, Co Dublin, was the 2012, and first, recipient of the Responsible Retailer of the Year Award. The award is presented to the manager of the outlet which has demonstrated a commitment to the RTC training programme over the years.

The Responsible Retailer award is based on three criteria:
• The number of staff trained on Responsible Trading in the Community
• The outlet having successfully passed a spot check
• The implementation of measures in-store to support responsible retailing, including appropriate signage, staff training records, incident and refusal logs, etc.

RTC award objectives

All members of the National Off-Licence Association must successfully complete their Responsible Trading Certificate training. Each outlet must also maintain these standards long after the training has finished and stores are persistently spot-checked on their responsible trading practices. The purpose of the RTC Awards was to focus on those who have excelled in this regard for the following reasons:
1. To highlight that NOffLA has been the most innovative organisation in relation to the promotion of training in the area of responsible retailing and to demonstrate that within the off-trade industry the independent off-licences have shown leadership in this area.
2. To recognise NOffLA’s pioneering use of e-learning technology as a powerful and effective means of facilitating access to specialist training to every outlet and every employee in the off-licence sector in Ireland.
3. To acknowledge the successful participation by outlets and individuals to date.
4. To encourage and promote greater future participation in RTC training in order to ensure that the independent sector continues to play a lead role in responsible retailing as a means of protecting the industry.
In order to achieve these objectives it is proposed to introduce new award categories and commendations as part of the OLOTY annual event. 


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