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Store manager, Leonardo Alves with Jimmy and Olwen Redmond

NOffLA talks to 2015 Off-Licence of the Year award winners about the benefits they have gained from taking part in the initiative



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19 May 2015 | 0

Overall winner of the National Off-Licence of the Year, 2015, Jimmy Redmond, of Redmond’s Off-Licence in Ranelagh, Dublin feels strongly about the award: Winning this award for us all at Redmond’s means the world. We are constantly being told by our customers how good we and our staff are and how much they enjoy shopping in our shop, but to be given this accolade by our peers – people like ourselves who put their whole life into this career, people we look up to and respect – then it’s special!”

Joël Durand, of Blackrock Cellars, Blackrock, Co Dublin, was the 2015 Wine Specialist of the Year and sees a multitude of benefits in participating in the awards: “Taking part in the competition was another incentive to do better, the use of a mystery shopper keeps everybody including management on their toes. The feedback from the mystery shopper is extremely useful as it brings an impartial external, critical eye to the business. It shows us the things we are doing right but more importantly things that need improvement or a rethink.”

The 2015 Beer Specialist of the Year, Declan Martin, of Martin’s Off-Licence, Fairview, Dublin, feels that every NOffLA outlet should enter the awards: “The Off-Licence Awards is a must for any NOffLA member who cares about their business and who is interested in striving for success. It keeps us on our toes, gets us all pulling together and helps us keep a high standard set by our peers. We have entered the competition for many years now and we are very proud of our success on the customer service award. As a family run independent off-licence it gives us great satisfaction that we have been recognised for such an award.”

For others, like Ruth Deveney of Deveney’s of Dundrum, who won Spirit Specialist of the Year 2015, the National Off-Licence of the Year has become an integral part of how she runs the business: “The OLOTY is a big part of our work calendar. Apart from the obvious reasons for entering, we use it as a good excuse and guideline for brushing up on product knowledge, reassessing categories and familiarising ourselves with our range. Apart from all of that, we get a great night out with work colleagues and friends, many of whom we haven’t seen since the last one but it’s the most enjoyable night of the work year!”

So, those NOffLA outlets who are participating in the awards scheme should make the most of the adjudication process to enhance their business. There may also be a bonus in winning one of the awards!

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