Pure Sound: Pure Brew unveils Christmas campaign

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Rory O’Connor of ‘Rory’s Stories’ at the launch of the ‘Pure Sound’ campaign by Pure Brew

Non-alcoholic beer jumped in popularity considerably during 2018, through a combination of high-profile launches and the ever-present search among consumers for healthier choices in all areas. For its Christmas campaign, Pure Brew from Guinness is going one better by celebrating those "Pure Sound Mates" who steer clear of alcohol on a night out, instead steering their friends home at the end of the night!


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19 December 2018 | 0

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Earlier today, Pure Brew, the non-alcoholic lager from the brewers of Guinness, unveiled its festive campaign ‘Pure Sound’, which celebrates those who decide to stay off the beers for the night in favour of driving their mates home over the party-rich Christmas season. It’s a time to get together with friends and enjoy legendary nights out, but public transport options are often tricky – especially in rural Ireland or even in towns and cities when queues for buses and taxis can ruin everything.

That’s where people all over Ireland are thankful for those ‘Pure Sound’ mates who go above and beyond by volunteering to steer clear of the beer and instead take on the role of unoffical taxi for the night.

Sarah Gilligan, senior brand manager for Open Gate Pure Brew said the brand felt it was only right to spotligh the friends who want to look out for friends, but also be part of a great night out. “For many, the festive season is the peak of sociability,” Gilligan said, “so we felt it was only right to spotlight those special friends for this campaign.”

The Pure Sound campaign is in a partnership with Rory O’Connor,  who rose to social media fame with his tongue-in-cheek comedy sketches depicting aspects of Irish life. The campaign will feature two very relatable Rory’s Stories videos which centres around the pure sound mate (AKA Rory) and his groups of friends as they enjoy a Christmas and New Year’s Eve night out.

Speaking at the launch, O’Connor said that all Irish people have the ‘Pure Sound’ buddy that they are thankful for at this time of year. “I also feel passionately about the importance of reminding people to never ever drink and drive,” O’Connor said, “so the messages in this campaign cannot be over-stated.”

The campaign is supported by Drinkaware. Sheena Horgan, CEO, Drinkaware agreed with O’Connor, adding that the campaign highlights the important role designated drivers play in keeping roads safe this Christmas. “Drinkaware is a vocal ‘never drink and drive’ advocate,” she said, “and we are encouraged that many people choose not to drink on a night out.

“We are always working with people who can fundamentally and permanently change attitudes,” Horgan added, “and Rory has the ability to positively influence the choices people make when planning nights out. We are delighted to endorse and support the campaign.”

The Pure Sound Christmas video is out now, while New Year’s Eve edit will go live on 28 December.

Follow the videos on facebook.com/RorysStoriesOfficial.

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